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Wow. You guys really show how intelligent posters post.

Let's see how about, "Hmmmmm wonder if Kawakami reads the Zone?" type of replies?

I could have done 10 times better than the intelligent posters crackin on me. In both instances as the OP and as a respondent to this thread.

I mean really let's just recycle the same stupid "Epic Fail Pics" etc.

You guys make me


who's crackin on ya?

Sometimes people don't know how to react when they make a mistake. He has chosen to react with name-calling and insults.

I put it in 9er News cause I wanted to point out that the writers do pay attention to us.

My F*CKIN Bad that I thought people would react intelligently to where I was going with it.

And I didn't startout name calling or hurling insults thank you very F*ckin much.

And you want to be honest? How come I NEVER see anyone get their balls busted for telling people they are on so an so's nuts when they defend some players? I would think that is a bigger insult than my questioning the intelligence of those that reacted negatively to where I was going here.

So my bad that I put it in 9er news but I was putting a 9er spin on it. And that's as 9er as anything.

I don't care if people agreed with it or not. I'm not here to TELL anyone how to react. I can only put my idea out there and let it go.



dude, take a chill pill. It was a bad post, seems like you are the only one who thinks it was a good thread/post. I guess you are just have way more smarts then the rest of us. Maybe we are not worthy of reading your posts?