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Malone, Pippen elected to Hall

Karl Malone here to talk to you about water conservation...

Remember kids, if its yellow, let it mellow. but if its brown? flush it down!
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Wow, somehow I never heard all the bad press about Malone, just the good stuff. I have had periods where I worked a lot and followed nothing but football. Maybe the bad stuff came out during one of these periods.

Today Karl Malone talking about health. Karl Malone healthy as horse but everybody not so lucky. All kinds of Americans infected by diabetes. Diabetes infect young, old, women, men, and here Karl Malone's whole thing. Why they call it diabetes? They get people all riled up. That's why Karl Malone say change name diabetes to livebetes. That way, people won't go walking around saying "oh no, I'm gonna diabetes." Instead, they saying, "look out world, livebetes coming through." That's called positivity thinking right there, and that's kinda thing keep Karl Malone on top. Remember now, you too can prevent forest fire. Until next time, this here Karl Malone.

Ahaha! I read that with Jimmy Kimmel's voice.

lol. I looked that video up after reading dobo's post. hahaha..."Britna Spear"
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