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This is just to display the two teams matching up ... PM me your votes as soon as you can and Ill show who voted what as soon as all votes are in.

Game 1:

GameOver - Liverpool

Ill run a 4-2-2-2 slightly offset...hard to show here on the zone but yeah...

..........Di Stefano-Socrates........


Brew - Sau Paulo

GK - Zenga
RB- Maicon
CB - Koeman
CB - Aldair
LB - Branco
DM - Davids
RM - Lineker
LM - Rivelino
AM - Zico
ST - Enzo
CF - Stoikov

My team deserves to win because we are an attacking team.
Maicon and Branco will alternate going up field and davids will cover for them. Sometimes both of them will go up field at the same time and switch the game in a heartbeat. My team also will utilize a lot of crosses from the sidelines with maicon, branco, rivelino and lineker. That'll prove very efficient with two of the greatest strikers up top with Enzo and Stoikov who are heading machines.

In the midfield, Zico and Rivelino will create havoc on the left and the right field. Rivelino has crisp precise passing and Zico is the quarterback of my offense and will distribute the ball around like no other.

We are also a threat in set pieces. Koeman, Branco, Rivelino all have very very very potent kicks. Before there was Roberto Carlos, there was branco. Just look at his goal in the 94 world up against Holland. Pwnage.

I have the perfect mix in my center backs. Rugged toughness by Ronald Koeman who is a tank. And the maestro of my "zaga" Aldair who played all thoese years in Roma. Aldair is a safety net that is excellent on the 1 on 1 and on the "sobra" which means divided balls.

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ok i will not post in here
Originally posted by valrod33:
ok i will not post in here
Brew's strategy sounds like propaganda.
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Originally posted by 1251alex:
Brew's strategy sounds like propaganda.

Alright post a poll so we could start voting
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