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George Karl has throat cancer

Just heard on ESPN radio that George Karl has throat cancer and will have 35 chemo sessions over the next 6 weeks to battle it. It was called treatable cancer so hopefully he comes out of this ok. Prayers are with him. I always thought Karl was a real good man.
Damn. Sh*tty news.
I hope he will be alright
  • jrg
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Get well soon George.
Wow, at least it's treatable. Best Wishes to him...
  • A-R-S
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Oh man. Didn't he beat another type of cancer previously? Best of luck to him.
damn son get well yo
get well george, fight that s**t
That sucks. You can fight that crap, give it hell Georgy.
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35 sessions in 6 weeks
best luck to him
That sucks. I've always like Karl. Hope he defeats it.
So is he not going to coach the Nuggets for a while? That sucks, I've always liked him as a coach. Good luck GK, you can do this!
Originally posted by jrg:
Get well soon George.
f**k cancer and get well soon coach Karl