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Team USA vs. The World (NFLN - GORE!)

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Watching the Team USA (high school football stars) vs. The World game on NFLN.....Rich Eisen and PrimeTime are doing alot of the commentary.....

But the one thing I'm paying the most attention to is the play of Jakari Gore...He is Frank Gore's nephew and will be attending LSU and has been the best player in this game so far....They said that Frank calls him every day giving advice and all that good stuff, and from watching Jakari, he is really similar to Frank: Small, shifty, likes to move a pile and find the hole.

He isn't too big yet, but he'll put on the needed wight in college. I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on this kid......Future 49er? Haha.
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I was hoping Jakari Gore would go to the U, but LSU is nice too
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