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River Plate soccer star hurt in car crash

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I'm a huge boca juniors fan and may dislike river plate with a passion but this flat out sucks...

River Plate's forward, Diego Buonanotte has arrived at Buenos Aires City airport and was transfered to Los Arcos Hospital in Palermo neighbourhood after suffering a severe car accident on Route 65 in Santa Fe Province when he was heading towards Teodelina village, where the athlete is originally from, on his father's vehicle. Buonanotte was travelling along with three close friends who died on the way to a clinic.

Authorities informed that Buonanotte's car hit against a tree sided along the route around 6.45am under heavy showers, and that it could have stroken against a small hill aside the road to then hit a huge tree, as Buonanotte's friends were thrown from the vehicle due to the dimension of the impact.

Doctor Eduardo Allegrini reported that River Plate’s forward is “stable and his vital functions were not compromised at the moment.” Nevertheless, doctors said that they are worried about the pulmonary contusion Buonanotte suffered because it could generate a complication.

Tragic incident. Hope he comes out of it alive,

Read the story in English and had a very difficult time following it. Is it just me?
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