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It's Time

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It's time for the Alabama Crimson Tide to the walk that isle. We all know to be the man you gotta beat the man. However the Tide is not going to participate in the Great Tim Tebow coronation. We aren't going into lion's (Gators) den tip toeing we are going in there like a bunch of screaming banshees with one question "Where Is That S.O.B." and when the smoke is clear there will be Gator shoes and belts for everyone.

To all Gator fans out there you don't have to like it but learn to love it cause it's the best going today...... WOOOOOO

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Dude, I read your autobiography!
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
Dude, I read your autobiography!

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that dude used to piss me off. Big Van Vader. the good old days of wrestling.
Gimmick Infringement.
i'd root for alabama
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