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Whats your favorite pair of basketball shoes?

WHITE Air Forces

I don't know, they're all pretty much the same. I get cheap ones at Academy.

Biggest letdown?

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my pf flyers, then my converse allstars.

Oh and back then they were canvas and not leather.
The K.J

Nike Air Jordan III

Nike Air Penny II

Nike Son Of Glove

Current Basketball Shoes: Kobe Nike Air Huarache

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ahh my first pair of Jordan's
  • crzy
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If I could find these shoes, I'd buy them even if they cost hundreds of dollars

On a side note, I wish the Warriors would go back to their original colors and get rid of the orange and the damn lightning bolt
Originally posted by Dino:

lol that looks gross
Originally posted by Dino:

God's shoes, FTW.
I've been ballin in Pennys since Ive been buyin bball shoes...I currently ball in two different Air Penny IIs (one for indoor, one for outdoor, im weird like that) and I used to own the Is but dunno where those went lol...there are some sick pennys out there too...the half cents and hybrids? Jesus Christo! lol

I can go for days.

Nike Jordan I (OG Banned color)
Nike Jordan XI Space Jams, Black White, Cool Grey, ALL OF THEM
Nike Foamposite (OG Penny Colorways)

Not hoop shoes...but favorites nonetheless:

I never had these, but these are fresh as f**k:

Ahh...the days of being a sneakerfreak. To be young and not know any better.

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