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The Sporting News 50 Greatest Coaches

Or, as it should be called, "Why the Sporting News Is Not a Credible Source"

Or even better, "f**k This Publication."

According to this list, Bill Walsh is only the 26th greatest coach of all time. Behind such luminaries as Pat Summitt.

No, even worse is that he's considered the 9th greatest NFL coach of all time. Behind Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Paul Brown, George Halas, Chuck Noll, Joe Gibbs, Tom Landry, and Bill Belichick.

Guy dominates an entire decade, creates an entirely new offense, manages to neutralize Lawrence Taylor for a period of time, and somehow is considered worse than Belichick.

f**k The Sporting News.

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I was just looking at this mag earlier and noticed Bill Walsh not even in the top 10, and I wiped my ass with the mag and put it back on the shelf
  • AmpLee
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Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
I just about lost my min (already in the proces of being lost the more I read the list) when Bill Belicheat was ranked ahead of Bill Walsh. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Joe Gibbs 9 spots ahead of Bill Walsh LOL Now I remember why I havent bought a Sporting News in 20 years.
Here's the list of f**k-sticks who thought so little of Walsh.**

**I see about 5 guys that undoubtedly had Walsh a lot higher.

SN asked a panel of 118 Hall of Famers, championship coaches and other experts to select the 50 greatest coaches of all time. Here are the panelists, in alphabetical order:

Richie Adubato
Joe Altobelli
Barry Alvarez
Bill Arnsparger
Leon Barmore
Frank Beamer
Jim Boeheim
Bobby Bowden
Scotty Bowman
Myles Brand
Marty Brennaman
Rich Brooks
Dale Brown
Larry Brown
Joe Bugel
Tom Cable
Bill Callahan
Randy Carlyle
Lou Carnesecca
Marino Casem
Al Cervi
John Cooper
Bruce Coslet
Tom Crean
Bobby Cremins
Romeo Crennel
Bill Curry
Michael Curry
Jim Delany
Doug Dickey
Gerry DiNardo
Anne Donovan
Vince Dooley
Homer Drew
Mike DuBose
LaVell Edwards
Bump Elliott
Pete Elliott
Ron Erhardt
Craig Esherick
Kirk Ferentz
Bill Fitch
Tom Flores
Jim Frey
Harry Gallatin
Dave Gavitt
Jerry Glanville
Dallas Green
Mike Gundy
Marv Harshman
Ernie Harwell
Jim Haslett
Whitey Herzog
Lou Holtz
Bob Huggins
Clint Hurdle
Don James
Eddie Khayat
Roy Kidd
Chuck Knox
Gary Kubiak
John Kundla
Tommy Lasorda
Frank Layden
Marv Levy
Marvin Lewis
Grady Little
Jack McKeon
Stump Merrill
Red Miller
Jim L. Mora
Terry Murray
Brent Musburger
Don Nehlen
Don Nelson
Rick Neuheisel
C.M. Newton
Tom Nissalke
Tom Osborne
Jack Pardee
Tom Penders
Ray Perkins
Richie Petitbon
Bum Phillips
Jack Ramsay
Dan Reeves
Andy Reid
Jerry Reinsdorf
Mark Richt
Scotty Robertson
Rich Rodriguez
Buck Rodgers
Dan Rooney
Sam Rutigliano
Bo Ryan
Mike Shanahan
Bill Sharman
Don Shula
R.C. Slocum
Steve Spurrier
Bob Stoops
Pat Summitt
Barry Switzer
Chuck Tanner
Vince Tobin
Jim Tressel
Fay Vincent
Dick Vitale
Joe Walton
Dave Wannstedt
Mike White
Lenny Wilkens
Dick Williams
Roy Williams
Mike Woodson
Sam Wyche
Ned Yost
John Ziegler
Wow, thats f**king terrible. if we were still good though, he would be higher. but we're not a popular team at the moment so all of our guys get underrated.
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How is Bill Walsh not #1? f**k Shula and Lombardi. Overrated as hellllllll.
utter complete bulls**t

You want to give guys like Landry and Shula life time achievement points vs a decade of performance .... Go for set a standard and I can respect that.

but Bill Belichick, NFL ???

Get The f**k out...

Really f**k off........
Originally posted by Dshearn:
utter complete bulls**t

You want to give guys like Landry and Shula life time achievement points vs a decade of performance .... Go for set a standard and I can respect that.

but Bill Belichick, NFL ???

Get The f**k out...

Really f**k off........

I feel angrier about Gibbs, actually.
. . . Walsh at #26 is about as stupid as it gets . . . nice editing . . .
SN's greatest coaches
1. John Wooden, college basketball
2 Vince Lombardi
3 Bill Walsh, NFL

I think Walsh should be 3rd all time. It is just a joke on some of the coaches listed higher:

#4 Phil Jackson - give me a break. Even Nellie could have won with the talent
that Jackson had. NEVER built a team nor won with lesser talent

#9 Casey Stengel - LOL.. ya because he had to manage Mantle, Maris, and all the
great Yankees.. This is a joke

#11 Pat Summitt.. Womens BB coach 15 spots ahead of Walsh. LOL.. She did
build a nice program but WTF!!!!!!!

#17 Joe Gibbs Good coach no doubt but ranked this high??? Please
#30 Pat RIley Really?? Because he had the greatest group of talent ever???
I think Walsh is punished because he didn't have the longevity that others on that list had. That being said, he's about 10-15 slots too low, IMO.
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