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Xgames 15!!!

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Hell ya dude! Supermoto, Rally and the Step Up are my favorites to watch although the tricks the bmx and skateboard guys do are pretty sweet as well. Definitely a lot more fun to watch then baseball during the summer.

Oh yeah I love step up. Especially watching ricky he is a bamf.

that actually wasn't a bad movie

crazy crazy crazy .

The cam looking down at the drop
I came to see Pastrana

kehr dhillon??? An indian guy covering skateboarding!!! Wooot Woot!!!
doot tried a double frontflip

Charles Pages............ouch....
another guy hurt on the moto bike.
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Lame. The dude won with the same trick from last year, and he didn't even land it clean. That sucked.
what a snooze fest
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im disappointed this year

Originally posted by iohk:
im disappointed this year

Yeah I am too it hasn't been as good as in years past.
how does a guy do a trick never done before and not win gold
I loved the sumo race. I just wish cassidy anderson got better than fifth.
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how does a guy do a trick never done before and not win gold

Ya that was pretty bad even the announcers were puzzled how that happened.
Wow the womens supercross was hella boring. Complete waste of time.

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