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Blazers get there man, FINALLY(Andre Miller to Portland)

Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
If the Knicks signed Miller it'd be a wrap. Especially if they do the sign-n-trade with Lee for Boozer. Come on now!!!

Its a wrap?

Seriously. WTF is a wrap about the Knicks, other than their season is over before it started?

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Miller was Nate McMillians favorite free agent and said pretty forcefully after the season he wanted a veteran this year. He looks like he will be that steadying veteran hand with my only concerns he takes the ball out of Roy's hands and reduces Blake's 3 point shot attempts. Blake's 3's were a dagger in opponents hearts last year, he would hit them and the team would start scoring in bunches. Still, I think Aldridge will benefit from the game Miller brings so all in all a good signing.
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