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The United Football League (UFL) Thread.

Tony Parrish!!
anyone gonna try out that football game @
Redwoods suck
Google doesn't respect the UFL.

I wasn't expecting much....but for a start up league, this was are really good start......on the field wise....

players came to play....there were few penalties, a couple of huge hits.......some very nice passes.....nice runs........and a surprising 53 yard field goal.

The owners of the league have said it themselves, they are not competing with the NFL, they have no problem apprently being stepping stone for college, walkons, exNFL players to try to get back in the NFL.

They are not spending that much on this league, cost cutting in various ways.....hence the uniforms and only 4 teams this season.....but next season, if everything works out, there will be original uniforms for the current teams with more teams added....

imo, the most important part is going well for them so far......good helps that they have legit Head Coaches in the league......and the players were in shape.

like someone else posted, VS channel is off DirectTV for now.....but you can watch these games at their website.....this is what I am going to have to do because I don't have HDnet for this coming Saturday's.
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Google doesn't respect the UFL.

how'd u get that theme for firefox
Originally posted by jprchrds:
who knows how long they will last... hopefully whoever designed the uniforms is in jail for being a moron... anyone think the arena league will ever start back up again?

It's already in the works. It's going to be called the AFL2, or something. I guess the league went bankrupt, but the teams didn't. A new group is putting together a new league, spinning the name, and welcoming the franchises into the league that were profitable and making money. The old league has no association with the new league do to bankruptcy laws, blah blah blah.
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Originally posted by pantstickle:
Google doesn't respect the UFL.

how'd u get that theme for firefox

It's the default theme, but my fonts are changed by Linux. The font is called Purisa.
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Anyone catch the UFL game last night? A couple of ex niners in action, Tony Parrish and Brandon Moore. They didn't look so good in the first half though (that's all I got to watch of the game).
I saw a few minutes of a game on Versus last night. It was really... really... reallyyyy hard to get past the hideous uniforms. High school Uni's are better than that crap. Those uniforms are disgusting.
found former niner (03-07) RB Maurice Hicks on the Virginia team, pretty cool
also Jeff Garcia played for the Omaha Night Hawks

Webzone Favorite Colt Brenan is on the Hartford team
Niner Legend WR Marcus Maxwell (05 7th round) is on the Sactown team
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