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The United Football League (UFL) Thread.

i guess i'll just jump on the california redwoods bandwagon since there is no texas team.... lets go redwoods!!!!! wooo!!!!!!!! lol
is there a link?
lots of fireworks........ MAJ d;lfjaf

MY BOY Tim Rattay.... got some face time....ahahhaah I miss him
Originally posted by teeohh:
is there a link?

banner says click to watch.
lol there is no one there
they should have gave out free tickets.........seriously.... maybe donated some to some high schools in the area.
Tony I didn't know he still wanted to play
omg, I think Raye is also the OC for the this SF run
whats with the fruity uniforms? :
so before the Red Sox game started I checked out the UFL on Versus and I'd have to say that the uniforms are absoulutely awful. The quality of play seems legit, I mean they could probably smoke the St. Louis Lambs.

wrong forum bud
It's nice to see some actual foorball, and not some gimmick like the AFL. Still, the uniforms just ruin it.
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Tony I didn't know he still wanted to play

He's playing? I thought he went to the girls a few years ago. Man, it's sad that he's been reduced to this.
they are the california redwoods? they should have at least worked in some red in the uni's
HAHA fail
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