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***Official Boxing Thread***

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ESPN has it 57-57 after 6, they have Mayweather winning 2, 3 and 6th rounds

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Solid low blow by maidana in the corner. The ref gave a little warning, but no time to recover for floyd. He didn't seem too bothered. Maidana was the aggressor throughout the entire round, but it was close. He had a great flurry with 30 seconds left in the round. I give it to Maidana, but it was close.

6-2 maidana
This fight is over. He gave it everything he had but Floyd has adjusted and Marcos looks slow and tired.
Not a whole lot happened in the first half of the round. Floyd was the aggressor the entire round. He looked like his old natural self in that one. Floyd landed big with 10 seconds left. Easily his round.

6-3 maidana
if this goes to a decision

Mayweather wins

Maidana needs to get the knockout
Will b posting my score bfore the official

Good s**t
Will b posting my score bfore the official

Good s**t
Close round, but floyd gets it. He looked so sharp like he normally dows late in fights. He didn't destroy maidana in that one, but he just was sharp and consistent. Dodging amazingly like he normally does.

6-4 maidana
Final round ... if Floyd loses this decision he is going to lose his f**king mind. I wouldn't be shocked if he tried to fight the judges.

Ugg that round
Much of the same. Floyd didn't destroy him, but was clean and consistent throughout. Maidana practically tackles floyd out of the ring in a clinch at the end that was kinda both their fault. Maidana got aggresive at the end, but I think it was floyd's.

6-5 maidana. Oh snap!
im a boxing n00b. i enjoy big fights like this tho

n00b question..what are they rubbing on their eye brows?
Holy s**t 115-113 money
Very close round, but I think Maidana was the aggressor throughout the whole round. Close fight.

I guess that makes it 7-5 maidana for me. What's that add up to in rounds? lol
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