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***Official Boxing Thread***

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who you guys got for Pascal v Bute?
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
who you guys got for Pascal v Bute?

Really dont have a fave. Just happy to get it going again. Yeeee
Happy 72nd Birthday to the GREATEST

RIP Jose Suleiman
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Originally posted by Niner_Demon:
RIP Jose Suleiman

DAMN that sucks.
There was a good card on ShoBox last night.

Two young, undefeated welterweights fought each other to a draw in the opening bout. Both looked solid... nothing special, but great action, especially the last two rounds.

The second match featured a 21 middleweight prospect named Antoine Douglas. The kid is a name to remember. He looked outstanding.

Then John Thompson, an up and coming junior middleweight, got knocked the f**k out by some cat from Brooklyn named Frank Galarza. I mean, he put this dude to sleep.

The main event had Tony Luis and a supposedly great up and coming Ukranian Ivan Redkach. Was a really good fight, but the referee damn near ruined it by not letting them fight.

Great way to start off 2014!
Damm hood next time give a heads up if u can.

HBO boxeo kickin off tonite.
Here's a website I frequent to get the upcoming schedule:
Bute has Mike Glennon/Chris Bosh's neck

Jesus Christ.
Bute's a coward. He let Pascal swing at him like a damn amateur and refused to counter and show any type of courage. He's now in the same class as Victor Ortiz for me. Both these cats need to go see the Wizard and get a damn heart.
Pascal had WAY more rhythm than Bute. Candien boxing doe
Hearing Bradley/Pacquaio II on April 12th and Golovkin vs. Geale/Kirkland a couple of weeks after that.
new boxing reality show premiers tonight on Discovery. made by Dana White and the makers of The Ultimate Fighter

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