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49ers 2017 Salary Cap Outlook; $65,020,369 under as of 9/17/17

seeing as we didn't deal saturday, and I looked over the numbers, we would be like 500k under the cap once all rooks are signed. Which is enough since we probably will extend Justin or Boldin. But the idea of a june 1 guy s likely not happening, we will ride with our team as it is.

Posted a mock page of 2013 salaries post draft, check it out. We would only need to make a minor move to have some decent cap space for the season.
where are we for next year?
Originally posted by jreff22:
where are we for next year?

AB has us projected with 21 mil in cap space if the 2014 salary cap remains at 124 mil.
Some updates I will be updating the 2013-2016 pages tonight, I have rought estimates with some help from owner of on the rookie wage scale for our rookie picks. Plus Rogers did indeed redo his language in his november restructure. He only got a $1.25M guarantee, unless his contract was wrong from the get go, which makes no sense. So he obviously was given a choice, stay at reduced guarantee, or get cut.

You will notice 2014 says $13M cap room, don't worry, it isn't gonna be like that in 2014, notice that there are a number of players signed through 2015 and 2014 that won't make the 2013 roster.
Thanks for the update AB.
where we at with the cap now? oh jeezz
Originally posted by defenderDX:
where we at with the cap now? oh jeezz

$1.583 million under the cap. We need one last redo to be under the cap for when we sign our draft picks.
Kind of wish we can extend Boldins deal to 2 years so we can stretch out the 6 million.
AB, where do we stand after the Goodwin restructure?

I'm really curious as to why the cap has remained so stagnant over the past few seasons?
Owner greed even though NFL has done very well they cite a poor economy. BS I say
Since Crabs won't be on the 53 for at least the first half of the year, does his money count against the cap?
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Kind of wish we can extend Boldins deal to 2 years so we can stretch out the 6 million.
I was hoping Justin Smith would get an extension to lower his cap hit. Plus the thought of him in another uniform next season is sickening.
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Updated since Goodwin agreed to eliminate his incentives.
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