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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

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I'll go 9-7 and a Wild Card birth.
I think we'll go 9-7
5-11 Having to play Dallas, Bills, Saints,Giants,and Pats I'd say we are cooked. Had we had a REAL COACH and not an EMPTY SUIT then I would think at least playoffs(providing Alex Smith wasnt the starter)
4-12, because i'm always way off on these things
updates made...

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I'm thinking 9-7 or 10-6, possibly better.

Now I know some of you feel that our schedule does not warrant that but those of us who have been Football fans for a long time, know that a winning record is possible even when your schedule looks daunting.

If I have to nail it down I will take 10-6.
El guapo says 10-6....and so it is 10-6
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i am gonna go with 9-7

Originally posted by kidash98:
updates made...

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I weighed in last year but don't see my name inthe stats.

This year-

9 and 7.
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Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
I'm gonna hold off for a while this year and see how the next few months play out.

Tally close right before the start of training camp, same as last year...

Yo, are you going to do the chart once more?

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with some luck and having mike martz 10-6
Put me down for a 9-7 year!!!!!
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