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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

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8-8, with the losses be close ones this year.. No blowouts...
Its a horrible prediction. However I want to be that one guy on the list that says we go 16-0. Thats right, I speak for the homers
8-8 BABY!
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I am going with 9-7.
It does make me nervous Ghost is picking 6-10.
he usually seems spot on in his judgments. My fingers are crossed.
And for the record, I want Nolan back next year unless Holmgren is looking to come home.
Originally posted by krizay:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by Slothrop:

Mike Nolan fired, Alex Smith cut

Um, if Alex fails, he'll be traded at the very worst, not cut.

yup there will be teams lined up at the door looking to make a trade for him.

who know's maybe TB would try and trade for him. anyways i think were going to surprise some people this year!

Originally posted by kidash98:
With the draft already out of our way, let's see the predictions...

I'll start, 9-7 for this year..


- 98

This would be a nice way to end the season; with a winning record and a playoff birth. I can see the team going 9-7 or 8-8. All depends on the play of the offense, the defense is now set with the new players
Nolan and Alex Smith are still here?


We'll beat the cowgirls though

Hoping for 10-6, but will be happy with 8-8

Jeez, I miss the good ol' days!
An optimist here, hoping for 10-6
I will go with 7-9
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First part of the schedule is the tough but, the second part not so much.

4-4 @ bye week

5-3 down the stretch

9-7 with a wildcard birth/possible division crown

(4-2 or 3-3 in the NFC WEST)
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