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Alex Smith's potential...

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this is so surreal. Up until ~10 days ago, I was one of 5 or so "haters" in the zone. Now I am a member of the VAST majority that sees Smith for what he is, and from my perspective, for what he has been all along. I have never seen the tide turn on any topic in the zone so quickly and so decisively.

On a related note, I had stayed silent all along on Sing, but I had concerns on him from the get go as well. Oscar once said it best about Sing as a potential head coach, while Nolan was still our coach: "If I want a motivational speaker, I'll hire a consultant."

I was on board Shaj. Remember ACP?? I don't see that anywhere now after Sunday.

I never did figure out what ACP stands for.

I think it was Ass Clown Patrol
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After watching the game for the 3rd time, I believe the main problem with his performance on the 2nd half was that he regressed to his old mechanical problems.]

I was hoping someone could tell me if m right or wrong, but he started locking up his knee again and sometimes he wouldn't even set his feet. Look at the throw deep to Ted Ginn again.

Ron Jaworski said on KNBR that Alex has corrected his mechanical flaws. Now it's a matter nit to regress when things start to go south.

do u also like to get kicked in the balls repeatedly?

I know, I need to get a f**king life.
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I don't think we need two huge threads knocking and praising Smith.

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