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***49er Photoshop Thread*** (aka The Greatest Niner Thread Ever)

HAHAHAHAH i love this thread!! I cant wait to see this thread grow another 50 pages after we get some epic failure faces from the shehawks this weekend!!!
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
lol Detlef Schrempf

Who is the Detlef chick?
Originally posted by Password_is_Taco:
Who is the Detlef chick?

Mrs. Wilson.
Lol - thanks. I've seen that pic before but had no idea.
i would like to see all 32 teams with their rings-or lack of rings. that would make it even more clear how the seahawks ain't got s**t.
Originally posted by Bluesbro:

Found this original on Twitter but it was missing quite a few guys. Added some to the mix. "Niner Nicknames".

94 is wrong, Troy Aikman told me that it's "country"
It's not "P-Willy"... it's "Pat".

And it's not "Boobie"... it's "Big Dix".
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Originally posted by Bluesbro:

Major burn!!!
Hanging out.
alright gents, having difficulty finding the Pete the cheat prancersizing gif.
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