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How many games will we win next season 2015-16?

I wanna be optimistic for next season. I really do. The draft has left a bitter taste in my mouth, and im starting to question the direction of this team. With all the off field troubles (that are STILL going on), retirements of key players, what is a realistic record for the team next season? I can see us winning 5 games if we are lucky. What do you think??
Where the mods at? Time for a new PYMWYMI thread.
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Anywhere from 5-11 to 9-7 which would be considered a failure now that the team is healthy & the GM's not trying to undermine the coach. Nothing short of 10-6 and a play-off spot is acceptable because we know the past coaching staff would have easily accomplished that with a healthy team.


We can use York/Baalke's stated standard: anything less then Super Bowls is a failure, so the number of wins is irrelevant.
InB4 Verb, Sus, and AB predict 0 wins and get demoted to NFL Europe

To answer the question I say 10 wins.

More than any season in recent memory I have so little idea what to expect. No idea.

...but I'm an optimist so I'll say 10. I don' think the team has been damaged nearly as badly as fans and media let on.
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11-5 or 12-4 Baalke knows his sh*t. Proves our players got us to 3 nfc champ games with decent coaching. Back ups are better then expected.

5-11 or 6-10 or 7-9 We made a huge mistake firing Harbaugh, our GM and coaching staff are laughingly in over their heads and on top of everything our draft looks like a bust...

I think we're gonna see one of these scenarios play out.
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Hoping for 11, expecting 7.
as long as they win more games than the Raiders.
I use to say 4 max. After the draft I say about 6 wins now. Not too confident on the coaching staff. IF the coaching is good then I say 10 but I doubt it.
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Where the mods at? Time for a new PYMWYMI thread.

This! Should probably wait until after May 12th as we can add additional FA's w/o affecting our comp picks but this roster is, set.

I'll say 10 wins minimum to start.
annual PYMWYMI will come soon.
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