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Who do you prefer to be the back-up QB?

Who do you prefer to be the back-up QB?

I think Gabbert, in spite of himself, is going to stay the back-up, but who do you think should get it?
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Jim Harbaugh
There is no right answer to this lol...but if I have to pick one, I pick Gabbert. We already invested the draft pick and money, now we have to invest a little bit of time to try and develop him. Just pray Kap stays healthy.

Don't see any FA QBs worth picking up at the moment. Maybe that changes after final cutdowns, but anyone cut was likely cut for a reason. Truth is, we have no good options at this point.
Maybe if we blow out enough teams Blaine can get some quality time to develop during garbage time.
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Gabbert is the youngest, has the most NFL starts, and the best NFL stats of the three. There isn't really much debate.
If any of them have to play, none of this will matter anyway.
Even if we traded for a QB or signed a FA they'd be way behind in terms of the playbook and reps. Just stick with what we got and pray Kap doesn't get hurt. Almost every team would be out of the SB hunt if their starting QB got injured, so I don't understand the panic mode going on
Originally posted by ethan:
Gabbert is the youngest, has the most NFL starts, and the best NFL stats of the three. There isn't really much debate.

Gabbert can't even throw a Damn 5-yard slant without getting the receiver lit up due to horrible ball placement. He is absolutely terrible.

I'd have to go with Josh Johnson. But any way you slice it, we're screwed if Kap gets hurt. I expect them to once again take away his ability to run, thus taking away a huge offensive threat and limiting our offense early, just like last year. They need to go out and get a real backup next offseason.
If this is what we're stuck with, I really don't care how it shakes out. All are terrible and I don't want to see any of them anywhere near the field when the season starts unless they're carrying clipboard. Just pray Kap doesn't get hurt and stays 100% the entire season because who we have behind him are nothing but turds.
Jim Tomsula

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Jim Tomsula

Hell yeah, Tomsula is a 5-read QB.

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2 - Bludgeon
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You are giving too many options for the poll. If is amongst the existing 3, I would take JJ. If we are allowed to look for one outside of that, we should explore either trading or signing one after the roster cuts.
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Blaine Gabbert.

But I'd go into the season with Kaepernick, Gabbert and Johnson. The McBLT project needs to end.
Hard 2 say but, we've invested the $$ in Gabbert, can't give up this early, I'm interested to see him play with the 1's, Kaep probably won't play much, if at all in the last PS game, maybe we can see Blaine more with some other starters then.
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