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Offensive Line Assessment

Alright, here is the first analysis: Denver Broncos

C Daniel Kilgore

Series 1
Play 1 – Single, Pass Protection (PP) against #98 Terrance Knighton (6'3" 335). Didn't give any ground at all and good technique. Well done.

Play 2 – Single, Run Block (RB) against #98 again. Quick snap, fired off and spun him all the way around as Gore hit the hole inside for 9. Well done.

Play 3 – Single, RB, against #92 Sylvester Williams (6'2" 313). Williams seems quicker off the LOS than Knighton and Kilgore struggles a bit but regains positioning and slides him out. No effect on the play but he was moved back about 4-5 yards before washing him out.

Play 4 – Single, PP against #98 again. Quick pass but good technique (hand fighting to get the DL high).

Play 5 - Single, RB, starts out under #98 but backs up and shields off #92 from left to right. I'm not sure if that was by design or not but the run goes right for 2.

Play 6 – Double, PP on #98. Prior to snap he points to a potential blitzer? He doubles down but looked a bit lost as there was a stunt from the outside in (LDE pushed off Martin hard and then slid under Looney's man in the A-gap). I'm guessing Kilgore should have pushed off #98 to help and then stay disciplined in his A-gap (never saw him). CK rushes the throw to a back.

Play 7 – Single, PP. Very poor job. Slides over left to block nobody when you could clearly see the Broncos getting ready to blitz to his right side (overload side). Looney and Miller saved his ass here. CK launches a bomb to Lloyd. Miller's pickup still blasted CK.

Series 2
Play 1 – Single, RB, nice wash-out block on #92 initially and then even though he holds leverage, his strength gives way and his man falls on top of Gore after 4. Needs to stay powerful and play through the whistle here.

Play 2 – Single, PP on #98. Clearly, #98 is a gap-plugger inside and offers nothing in terms of a rush up field. Therefore, Kilgore wins every battle here. I wonder if a more experienced C would recognize this, shove him and slide over to help one of the G's or back up and seal the A-gaps just in case.

Play 3 – Single, RB Kilgore got absolutely manhandled 8 yards into the backfield by #92 here on a quick burst. Fortunately it didn't affect the play as it was a quick pass to the left. The good thing here is that even though he lost the first step again to #92, he maintained his balance to stay with him going backwards. But I already have some quickness, strength and assignment concerns about him.

Play 4 – Single, RB redeems himself here against #92 by drive blocking him mono y mono to the left and Hyde runs inside for a first down.

Play 5 – Single, PP very good job on hand fighting and leverage on #72 Brian Sanford (6'2" 280)

Play 6 – Single, RB loved the aggression here on #76 Marvin Austin (6'2" 312). Heck, I'd even say he looked pissed on this play (some nasty) and I'd give him ½ a pancake block!

Play 7 – Single, RB #98 got his big body up and pushing Kilgore back 3 yards and to the left from right and one-arm tackles Hyde across the chest.

Play 8 – Single, PP flow from right to left for a CK rollout right. Not really part of this d/t it being a misdirection.

Play 9 – Single, PP #97 Malik Jackson (6'5" 293) bull rushes Kilgore, anchors and works his way through Kilgore PP and nails CK for a rushed throw and incomplete on 3rd down.

End of his day. Note: Marcus Martin started from the 11::00 minute mark of the 2nd quarter on.

Overall Assessment: I think Kilgore lucked out a bit in getting an assignment of a true NT who was primarily a plugger only and didn't offer much of a pass rush at all to say the least. My concerns from Game 1 carried over to this one in that he can get beat on quickness in PP with the first step and his strength and ability to play through the whistle is lacking. As far as assignments go and he does not look like a polished 3rd year, new starter to me in that he is still missing some obvious blitz pickups and lacks discipline at times in the A-gap. CK is getting hit inside and at critical times (3rd downs). This needs to be shored up quickly or our intermediate passing game won't work. His hands and ability to get a DL high in PP is very good though. His snapping remains perfect. I saw some more aggression this game and even if he does get blown up and pushed back far, he still manages to keep his balance and obstruct the DL some. He had some nice wash-out blocks as well. I saw some small improvements from the Ravens game. I get the impression the coaching staff wanted to get a long look at Marcus Martin who played from the 11;00 mark in 2Q on. That's pure speculation on my part but he took a ton of snaps after coming back from a bad ankle sprain.

Trivia Question: Who was the first Niner player to officially touch the ball at the new Levi Stadium?

Courtesy of WRATH:

LG Mike Iupati & RG Joe Looney

Here's my (WRATH) analysis of the starting guards.

1st and 10 (14:54): 3-step drop. Looney stones Sly Williams, completely stopping his rush. Iupati turns out to help Staley with Wolfe. Initial contact is good, but he inexplicably stops moving his feet and gives up inside leverage. On a double team. Where he is the inside guy. Which is garbage. If Kap holds the ball another second, he would get hit, but the ball is out before any damage is done.

2nd and 10 (14:51): Trap left. Iupati gets a good kickout on Williams. Looney releases quickly upfield and completely seals off the MLB (Irving). It's a nice hole, even though Vernon stops right in the middle of it and blocks no one.

3rd and 1 (14:16): Power Left. Looney can't get around Staley's down block initially (staley gave up some penetration), but he keeps working laterally and eventually picks up Irving, after miller releases his block on Irving. Looney could have easily stayed stuck in the wash, but he made a persistent effort to engage someone and succeeded. Iupati destroys Knighton on his down block, which is impressive (Knighton is a LOAD). FYI, tim Ryan thinks this is the same play as the last one, but he is an idiot. On a trap, the backside guard pulls flat for a kickout and the playside G and T release downfield to the LBs, leaving the end man on the LOS (EMOL) to get blown up by the kickout. In Power, the backside G pulls around the down block to engage a LB at the second level, and there is another lead blocker (usually the FB). In this case, an additional backfield player provided a kickout (Vance). Silly Tim Ryan.

1st and 10 (13:42): 3-step drop. Looney has no one on him, so he slides out and helps Martin with Wolfe. He hits Wolfe hard enough that Martin almost loses his balance. It was unnecessary, as Martin had him, and it was maybe a little too much, as he could have accidentally disengaged Wolfe from Martin, but I like the nastiness. Iupati stones Williams at the line, and Williams gives up on his pass rush.

1st and 10 (13:07): Counter Right. Looney and Martin double-team the end (#97 is a backup, so I don't know his name), and they get away with an illegal chop. It looks like Looney slipped on his way to down block Knighton, but Looney gets into the DE's legs, and Martin hits him high. DE plays decent sprawl technique, and the double doesn't get a lot of movement. Iupati pulls with the kickout responsibility, and looks like he can't decide between a kickout or a hook. He ends up with a half-assed kickout that gets no movement, as his pad level sucks. The result is a block that looks like neither a kickout nor a hook. Miller reads kickout and iso leads inside of Iupati's block, and he ends up blocking Knighton, who should have been Looney's guy. Hyde reads Iupati's block as a hook, so he runs outside of Iupati's block, and he gets tackled by Talib. If Iupati performed an actual hook block here, Miller would have pulled outside and he might have picked up Talib, giving Hyde a chance for a big gain.

2nd and 8 (12:23): 5-step drop. Looney dominates Williams, but there is no communication between Him and Martin on the T/E stunt Denver is performing. Ware disengages from Martin and loops behind Williams, and no one picks him up. Martin should have taken over Williams, pushing Looney to Ware, but Looney is also responsible for keeping his eyes up, recognizing the free runner, and knowing where his help is (ie: he could have passed Williams to Martin and engaged Ware, but the primary responsibility to swap belongs to the blocker whose man disengages). No harm on this one, but D. Ware is not the guy you want to let run free at Kap. Kap gets the ball out fast enough to make up for the Right side's brain fart. Iupati actually pushes Knighton back, which is tough to do on a 5-step.

3rd and 4 (11:34): 5-step drop. Looney gives up ground too quickly to the bullrush, and he ends up right in Kap's face. If Looney does a better job on the DE, the blitzing S would have less of a straight shot into the backfield, causing him to lose some momentum, and he might not be able to destroy Miller on his way to hitting Kap. Iupati initially stops Knighton who decides to drift outside into a lazy contain rush. Incidentally Ward gets away with a shot to Kap's helmet, but QBs with tattoos don't enjoy the same protections in this league.

1st and 10 (6:34): Counter right. Looney downblocks Knighton and gets some push, which is pretty impressive as a solo block (not as much movement as Iupati got in the first drive, though). Iupati has the iso pull, and he almost doesn't make the turn inside of Miller's kickout (Miller gets blown up a bit, tightening the corner for Iupati). He kind of side-skips through the hole and gets one solid punck on Irving, who then disengages and piles on Hyde just after the tackle.

2nd and 6 (5:51): 3-step from empty shotgun. Williams zone drops, so Looney has no one to block. He helps Kilgore with Knighton, who is going nowhere. He probably could have helped Martin, who is getting used badly by Ware. Iupati picks up the blitzing LB (Marshall?) and runs him by the play.

1st and 10 (5:09): PA pass. Looney pulls to sell the run fake, picks up Wolfe, washes him down the line, then throws him to the ground. There's that nastiness again. Iupati initially blocks down for the run fake, then settles in to double Knighton with Staley. Knighton is not a pass rusher, and he goes nowhere.

2nd and 1 (4:49): Zone Left. Yikes, we are a bad zone team. Rather than create a seam with a cut block, we have carrier pull from left to right to create a seal. Iupati influences well and gets the backup DE to run left with him long enough to open a small seam, which Hyde chooses to run through. Looney's zone step is okay, but Williams does not run with him. The hole should be between Looney's block and Carrier's seal, but Williams staying put means that a seam opens up between Looney and Iupati, and that's where Hyde goes. Good decision by Hyde to get the 1st down. Ugly-looking Zone play by us. We are not built for the Zone scheme.

1st and 10 (4:14): 5-step drop. Looney locks up Williams pretty well. He lets Williams turn his shoulder outside, but Alphonso Smith provides a timely chip block that allows Looney to square back up on Williams. This might have been by design, as Smith was clearly on that path out to his route. Iupati picks up Marshall on the blitz again, scoring a one-punch knockdown. Hilarious and effective.

2nd and 1 (3:42) straight up Gap Scheme RB Draw. Looney releases to the 2nd level and ties up Irving. Looney loses his helmet for the 4th time today.Iupati makes a good one-step pass fake and runs the backup DE (97) past the play. The left side sold the pass fake MUCH better than the right, mostly due to Staley kicking back for a two count.

1st and 10 (3:06): Another Draw (seriously?). EVERYONE pass fakes convincingly. Looney tries to influence the DE (76) to rush his outside shoulder, but the DE doesn't bite (this happens sometimes, and it totally sucks when it's your guy), going inside. He slips to a knee trying to regain leverage and gets away with a pretty bad hold (one arm hug). Iupati sells the pass then release quickly upfield and engulfs Marshall. Even with Looney getting beat, this one goes for 10-15 yards if Kilgore doesn't get destroyed by Knighton.

2nd and 8 (2:27): PA pass (zone fake). Looney washes Knighton about 5 feet down the line and Knighton quits. Again. Iupati stones Wolfe.

3rd and 8 (2:21). 3-step from shotgun. Looney blocks Wolfe to the ground, but he was starting to present a seam by turning his shoulders to the outside again. It's a bad habit. If Wolfe stays on his feet, he can accelerate to Kap. On second look, Looney might have been looking for another chip (this time from Hyde, who runs right past Wolfe on his way out to his route). Iupati has no one head up, so he slides out to help Staley with Ware, but Staley has Ware bottled up. If Iupati looked inside, he could have helped Kilgore, who was getting beat badly by a backup DE (Jackson).

Overall Assessment: That's the last play for Looney and Iupati. I think they both looked strong and aggressive. Much better game for Iupati than last week. He still had a couple questionable plays in pass pro and one bad pull, but he looked good. Looney looked better than last week, as he didn't seem to have any issues with his pad level in this one. He had two bad blocks where he lost his footing. And he got walked back convincingly by a bullrush on one pass play where he should have set up stronger. Overall though, good day from the guards, with a couple consistency issues to iron out. There were a couple communication issues, as well. It's still preseason.

RT Jonathan Martin

Series 1
Play 1 – Single, Pass Protection (PP) against #94 Demarcus Ware (6'4" 258). Very nice technique, hands, body positioning/control, shove off effective and gave him no ground at all arching him out of the pocket completely (never came near it).

Play 2 – Single, Run Block (RB) against #54. Quick snap, fired off the LOS, swim move and blows out the LB at the second level, spins and stands up to fill the hole more and helps open up a 9 yard run by Gore in that hole.

Play 3 – Double, RB down on #94 with VD. #94 had no chance/movement. What I liked about it best was that he one-armed #92 first to help Kilgore (who needed it badly) and then fired out to wash out Ware.

Play 4 – Single, PP on #95 Derek Wolfe (6'5" 285). Quick pass but what I like is that he is very quick in his back stance, punches the rusher and stifles him instantly (good leverage and control). He creates a really nice pocket for CK on that right side and keeps his man out very wide (no pressure at all for CK).

Play 5 – Single, RB and fires off the LOS and he and Looney pancake #97 Malik Jackson (6'5" 293) on his back!

Play 6 – Single, PP on #94. Ware does a nice jump of punching Martin and then quickly stunts inside under Looney's man for a QB pressure. I believe this was Kilgore job to maintain this A-gap.

Play 7 – Single, PP on #55 Lerentee McCray (6'3" 249). Textbook. Even snapped his head back on the punch. Long bomb to Lloyd incomplete.

Series 2
Play 1 – Single, RB washes out #95 out, shoves him on the ground and sits on him.

Play 2 – Single, PP on #94 and holds him effectively after a good punch by Ware but quick pass.

Play 3 – Double, PP on Ware again. First Miller rocks him, then Martin and the at the end of the play, Iupati takes a shot at him. Ware had no chance. LOL

Play 4 – Single, RB blows up #97 at the line and washes him…right into the tackle (Hyde) over on the LG hole. Oops. So Hyde may have taken the wrong hole on this one as Looney pushed his man that way also. Carrier also filled that RG/RT hole. Hyde just wanted to pick up the first down (which he did).

Play 5 – Single, PP and walls-off Ware again.

Play 6 – Single, RB gets stood up initially by #92, then anchors and plows him forward as Alfonso Smith blows over his back for a first down.

Play 7 – Single, RB whiffs on #93 but it's a quick-hitter up inside and didn't affect the play.

Play 8 – Single, PP on #76 and walls him off inside as CK scrambles right outside.

Play 9 – Single, PP on #95. Good arch. I notice that as a pass rusher, you can get inside him with a good punch but Martin seems to anchor well and then wash you away inside to the RG or near the C so the pass rusher would have to go a mile to get to the QB (seems like he does that on purpose).

End of his assessment.

Overall Assessment: I'm going to stop here b/c at this point, Seymour came in for Looney at RG. But Martin continued to man the RT for a while and the trend held true (Seymour played well also). He helped drive block for a 4th down conversion, showed some excellent second-level blocking as well, washed out pass rushers, etc. As you can see from the first two drives against Ware and their other pass rusher and LB's and DE's & DT's, Martin was damn near perfect. In fact, it's been a long time since I've seen a RT for the Niners play this well. Seriously. If he and Looney keep this up, we are absolutely set! I also love that Seymour has a real shot to unseat Snyder as the jack-of-all trades. That guy is also a keeper IMHO (and cheaper with much more upside).

PS: Looney needs to get a tighter helmet. He had it knocked up and off about ½ a dozen times!

C Marcus Martin

1st Play: Quick pass (can't tell if it's 1-Step or 3, because this coverage is awful). No pressure.

2nd Play: 3-step drop. Initially doubles the nose W/Seymour, then picks up the end on the stunt. Gives up more ground than I'd like to see on a 3-step drop, but holds the protection well.

3rd Play: 5-step drop. No one head up, so he slides over to help Snyder. No pressure.

4th play: 5 step drop. Immediately takes the nose and washes him by and wide.

5th play: Inside trap. This play is doomed. Martin gets no movement on his down block, and Snyder gets no movement on the kickout. Smith makes a good decision to bounce outside of the mess, Martin gives up no penetration, but this play depends on him opening a gap for Snyder to widen, and he doesn't get it done.

6th play: This is the first good looking Zone play I've seen in a long time. Martin zones the RDT and MLB with Seymour, and immediately passes off the DT. He engages the MLB cleanly and head up 5 yards downfield and washes him down. Smith ends up going down before he gets to Martin's guy, who is starting to disengage.

7th play: Aaaaaand, we're back to running zone poorly. Half-assed zone steps fail to influence the Denver front, and no one flows over the play. Martin fails to influence his guy to flow, because he forgot his zone step, so he just tries to drive block him down the line. He fails at this, and ends up falling down. Bad Play.

8th play: 3-step drop. We miss the snap again, because this tv coverage continues to suck. Martin appears to have no one head up, so he slides left to help Snyder (always a smart decision). Clean pocket.

9th play: Gap Scheme FB dive. Doubles NT with Seymour and only gets one yard of movement. That's disappointing push on a double. They get their hips together, which usually makes for a good double, but the NT leans away from Martin, letting him slide by, and Seymour can't finish the block alone. Martin needs to stick to that double longer before sliding off to a LB.

10th play: 5-step drop from shotgun. Martin has no one head up, so he slides to help Seymour. Pressure ends up coming up the middle, which makes it look like Martin's responsibility, but is completely Bykowski's fault. I don't know what the hell he's thinking here, but the Broncos run a T/E stunt on his side, and he follows his man around the front of the 49ers line and into the A gap after he disengages. STUPID. I have NEVER seen an NFL lineman do that. He should take over Snyder's DT and push Snyder to the stunting DE.

11th play: Zone left (again). They get the Denver front flowing well, and the seam is there, but Hampton runs to the wrong spot, 2 full gaps to the left of the actual seam. Martin gets his guy flowing well down the line, but Hampton runs right into him.

12th play: 5-step drop. No one head up on Martin, and no one needs help. Good pocket. He hits Snyder's DT, presumably because he is bored.

1st play: 5-step drop. Martin holds good position on his man, but he gives up more ground than I'd like. The closer the line pushes to the QB, the smaller they can close down throwing lanes. That's what happens here. Martin is in no danger of his man getting a sack, hurry, or QB hit, but he gets a hand on the pass.

2nd play: 3-step drop. Martin Stones his guy.

3rd play: 3-step drop. Martin has no immediate threat, so he helps Seymour. Good pocket.

Overall Assessment: Through his first two drives, Martin is showing good feet and active hands. I expected more push from him on run blocks, but I could see his ability to drive block being affected by the ankle injury (either the ankle still hurts enough to hinder his ability to generate force against the ground or he lost power in his legs by neglecting lower body lifts while waiting for the ankle to heal). There is definite room for improvement here, and he has they physical potential to realize that potential, and that physical ability is evident, even in and up-and-down performance against #2s

Alright, here is the second analysis: San Diego Chargers
Courtesy of WRATH:

LG Mike Iupati & RG Joe Looney

1st Play: Zone Left out of an unbalanced front. We don't block zones well, and we don't cut or kick out to provide a cutback lane, which I just don't understand. Iupati zones The NT and MLB with Kilgore, and they do a good job. Iupati hands off the NT to Kilgor and picks up the MLB. Looney zones the DE and backside OLB with Vernon. He passes of the DE to Davis and Picks up the OLB. Both guards are good on this one, but Martin gets beat badly, which dooms a poorly-schemed run play.

2nd Play: 5 Step Drop. Looney has no one and no one needs help, so he just gets big and takes up space. Iupati does a good job keeping the DT in front of him and stopping his momentum (Make note of this, because you might not read that sentence again today.)

3rd Play: 7 step drop (in gun). Looney's guy stunts away as the looper in a T/T stunt, and he has no one, so he shadows Martin. He probably should have slid left to help Kilgore, since hi man looped inside, and there was no threat outside of Martins guy to the right. Iupati buries his head in the DT angling into Kilgore and never even sees the DT looping behind. The looping DT comes right behind Iupati and flushes Kap out of the pocket. Bad communication here, and bad awareness by Iupati.

4th Play: 7 step drop. Iupati picks up the blitzing LB, and shoves him across two gaps (all the way to Looney), then inexplicably chases him around the front of the pocket (like Bykowski's dumb ass did last week). If he stays home, he can help Hyde with the DT who ends up wrecking the pocket. Looney picks up the blitzing LB that Iupati sent him, but gets shoved on his can. It doesn't matter because the shove killed the LB's momentum, and Kap was already gone. Poor setup by Looney (I think he was surprised), and stupid move by Iupati. It's his second poor awareness play in three pass protection opportunities.

5th Play: Counter (?) left. I add the (?) because they block it like counter, but Hyde always bounces in place, instead of taking the counter jab step. Iupati iso pulls right, inside of VMac's kick out, and he wrecks the LB. That's what he does best. Looney doesn't have a down lineman on his down block track, so he needs to pick up the MLB. His track is too flat, and he can't turn upfield in time to get him. MLB makes the tackle. This one probably gets for 5-6 if he makes that block, but it's a tough assignment from his initial angle.

6th Play: 7 step drop. Looney Has no immediate threat, and he slides out to help Martin, who probably doesn't need it, but Looney gets his licks in anyway (still playing nasty). Iupati gets worked so quickly to the outside that the DT almost beats Kap to his 7th step. His technique is awful. He stood right up out of his stance, and he didn't even kick back once. It was a slow, clumsy effort, and he gets Kap kersmashed.

7th Play: 7 step drop (we're doing A LOT of these today). Looney has no threat and minds his gap w/head on a swivel. Iupati stones his DT. Staley gets used to the inside. It's possible that he was counting on Iupati setting deeper, so he'd have less space on the inside (Iupati is pretty shallow her, but that's just because he kicked his guy's ass for once), but I'm pretty sure Staley just got put on skates by the bull rush, and that exposed a ton of space to his inside.

8th Play: Gap scheme dive off guard. Terrible push. No movement, even from the double teams. Kap called it when he said the OL needed to be more aggressive. Looney doubles DT with Martin for no movement. Iupati doubles NT with Kilgore for about one foot of movement. Both doubles look split (OL didn't get their hips together), which is a technical error, which greatly decreases the downfield force of their combined push. Weak sauce.

9th play: 3 step drop (FINALLY). Looney hits the blitzing S hard enough to make him drop into an improvised zone, then he helps Kilgore. Iupati is good at this pass blocking, because he doesn't really have to move his feet much. He neutralizes the DT, with no penetration.

10th Play: Zone right (we FINALLY cut block on a zone play, for the first time in the preseason). SD is spread so wide that I can't tell who is zoning w/whom, but Iupati runs the DT down the line, and Looney washes his LB completely past the play. Because Staley gets a great cut, there is a HUGE seam between Staley and Iupati, but Hyde misses it and runs right into the line.

11th Play: 3 step drop. Looney takes over Kilgore's NT, so Kilgore slides to help Iupati, who is just starting to lose inside leverage on the DT. Great awareness and teamwork, but it's not good that Iupati lost the inside so quickly. He caught the DT instead of punching him. He's pretty bad when he is not the aggressor.

12th Play: 7 step drop (in gun). SD does a T/T, but it doesn't matter. Iupati gets beaten inside instantly by the angle rusher in the T/T, so the looper doesn't matter. Once again, Iupati's footwork is terrible. He's setting up for a 7 step drop like he should for a 3 step drop every time. This is correctible, but it should have been corrected by now. This is embarrassing. Looney's guy is the looping DT going away, so he has no immediate responsibility.

13th play: Draw middle. Iupati's pass fake is ugly but effective enough, and he blocks the DT out of the play. Snyder is in for Looney.

14th play: 3 step drop. Iupati slides inside to help Kilgore with the NT, and they stop him cold.

15th play: Zone read (give). This play was going nowhere, but Iupati getting spun around and beat inside by a guy who lined up a man-and-a-half outside of him results in a 5 yard loss.

16th play: 5 step drop. Iupati gets a good initial punch, passes his DT off inside to Kilgore, then slides outside to Staley, who doesn't really need the help.

17th play: 5 step drop (gun). Iupati gets beat immediately to the inside, but Kilgoe picks the DT up. Iupati then slides out late to help Staley, who is starting to lose inside leverage.

18th play: 3 step drop. Iupati stones the DT. Again, 3 step drop is the pass blocking he's best at.

19th play: 7 step PA pass. There's no run fake from the OL, so this is still deep dropback pass pro. Iupati does fine though, because the DT decides to try to bulrush him (bad idea), instead of trying get around him with speed and quickness (good idea). Iupati wins decidedly.

20th play: Draw. Once again, Iupati's ugly pass fake is just enough to influence his DT, and he walls him out of the play. Side note: Hyde is fun to watch.

21st play: 3 step (gun). Iupati Slides out to the DT and washes him past the pocket.

22nd play: Trap left (Snyder pulling kick out). Iupati releases upfield and engulfes the MLB. This trap is set up perfectly, except LMJ runs outside of the kick out block, ruining the hole that was opened for him. This was an easy 5 yard gain that could have gone for a lot more.

23rd play: 5 step drop (gun). Iupati picks up the looping DE on a T/E stunt! This is the first time he picks up a stunting lineman today, and Kap miraculously has time to throw! Weird…

Overall Assessment: (short version: Iupati=, Looney=). So, Iupati was off today. This was the first time we did a lot of 7 step drops, and he was exposed terribly. He needs to kick back at least once before he sets, just to form a pocket, and he didn't do that at all today. He didn't get a lot of drive in the run game, but he did a good job of engaging LBs on the 2nd level. He was much better on 3 step drops, but he still got beat inside a couple times, which is terrible in the quick game.Looney looked pretty good. He also didn't generate much push in the run game, but he had great feet on zones and pass pro. He picked up stunts well, and he wasn't challenged often by the base 4 in pass pro.Since both guards struggled to get movement in the drive blocks, I'm willing to consider that camp legs or bad turf might have been part of the problem, but there are some basic things that you need from on offensive line that wants to control a game, and getting push from individual blocks is one of those.

RT Jonathan Martin
Series 1
Play 1 – Single, Run Blocking (RB). First formation was very odd. Looney was at RG, VD was basically the RT, Kilgore at C then, Iupati at LG2 (B-gap) and J.Martin at LG1 (A-gap) (moved to the other side this game) and McDonald was the TE at the LOS to the left of them. Gee, I wonder if we're going to run? Martin gets an initial push on #94 DE Corey Liuget (6'2" 300), Iupati fires to the second level and McDonald gets blown back 7 yards as Martin starts to lose his man as well. Gore tries to run between Martin's and McDonald's man and has no chance (of even cutting back inside). Loss of 3 yards. Here comes the pass rush (our M.O.)!

Play 2 – Single, Pass Protection (PP). Now Martin is slid back out to RT. Washes out #91 Kendall Reyes (6'4" 300) easily. CK rushed this throw and didn't need too. A bit too high for Vance McDonald.

Play 3 – Single, PP. Martin now takes on #54 Melvin Ingram (6'2" 265). Good speed rush but Martin follows and does a nice just of arching him out of the play. CK steps up (bit of pressure) and slides into the right hole to throw…but then takes off and gets popped/fumbles.

Series 2
Play 1 – Single, PP. Martin takes on #91 again and flat out pancakes his ass…and then slams him down again against the ground and lays on him. I love this!

Play 2 – Single RB. Martin has an excellent drive block on #94, gets him spun backwards and shoves his back/body out of the hole where Gore flies up in. Their LB filled the hole very well though for a 2 yard gain.

Play 3 – Double PP. Martin handles #91 and Looney slides over to help. CK gets annihilated by Iupati's man, fumbles and oddly enough, #91 recovers it. #94 sacked CK and ended up landing on the back of Martin's legs as he was standing solo at this point as he had passed his man off to Looney who was doing fine.

Play 4 – Double PP. Martin handles #91 and Looney slides over to help. No pressure here.

Play 5 – Single, RB. Drive blocks #91 back 3 yards on a run for 1 yard up the gut. His block had no effect on where Gore ran (A-gap to the left of C). At the end, he is laying on top of #91 who was laying on top of his own NT #95 who had that gruesome knee injury. Best wishes, Geathers. That totally sucks!

Play 6 – Single, PP. On #91 again. Pwns him…as he had in every series. At this point, as an OL coach, I'd just leave Martin out on an island and have Looney stay inside to help Kilgore (who could chip and then help Iupati). That left side was bad (even Staley at times).

Play 7 – Double, RB. He first drives #91 out right and Miller finishes him off. Nothing inside to the cut back for Hyde. Gain of 2.

Play 8 – Single, PP. Easily handles #91 again. VD and Hyde basically run into each other on a quick pass to VD and VD drops the ball.

Play 9 – Single, PP. #54 was having a field day on the left side of the OL but when he came over to the right to take on Martin, he was thwarted. This time Martin is even quicker than the first time, drops back, punches him back 2 yards and stonewalls him and doesn't even let him get half-way into his arch rush. CK gets blasted yet, again. Pull his ass now! Incomplete and another punt.

Series 3
Play 1 – Single, RB. Stands up #91 as James runs inside and falls down b/c the wind blew.

Play 2 – Double, PP. Stands up #94 and then Looney slides over to help. Why? Obviously the help is needed to Looney's left side.

Play 3 – Single, RB. He drives #91 back and to the left 3 yards and completely washes him out. For perspective on how the rest of the OL did…James had a TFL for -5 yards.

Play 4 – Single, PP. #54 shows some nice explosion on this one but Martin reacts quickly and basically swallows him up (bear-hug, almost) and it's a quick pass to James in the middle of the field.

Play 5 – Single, PP. This time the Chargers try #97 Jerry Attaochu (6'3" 252). Good speed rush and power and Martin handles him well by stoning him and washing him out on the arch.

Play 6 – Single, PP. On #97 again. Quick pass and he doesn't even get ½ way into his arch. Blocked easily.

Play 7 – Double, PP. Both Martin and Looney block out #97 well.

Play 8 – Single, RB. Blocks out #91 again as Hyde cuts up inside his hole. Uh oh, we're in the RZ…here comes a FG! LOL.

Play 9 – Single, PP. I like this one. #54 pushes up field and then tries to dive back inside and is completely walled off by Martin (damn quick feet and excellent balance here). And had he not been effective, #54 would have gotten an INT on the tipped ball here.

Play 10 – Single, RB. Martin walls out #54 on the edge and James is TFL again for -4 yards.

Play 11 – Double, PP. Martin and Looney wall off #91. Yet, another tipped ball on a perpetual 3rd and long (14). Routes were sorry. CK is going to McDonald instantly for a quick 4-yarder. Boldin is in the middle of the field 4 yards short of the marker and Crabtree runs a lazy (I'm not getting the ball this time-type) route on a 3-yard in. It looks like the design was to get McDonald under VD's deep route and rely on big RAC but nobody bought it.


End of his asssessment (as you get the idea).

Overall Assessment: You can REALLY see Martin's confidence is back and he is getting some nasty attitude out there against a very active and good DL of the Chargers who were also mixing in OLB blitzes and personnel. I loved the pancake block and subsequent slam afterwards. His technique is sound and he is much quicker/more athletic than Davis (esp. if we plan to pass more). At this point, I'd almost feel more comfortable starting Martin today over Davis (d/t momentum and the overall skillset of Martin).

Side note: 2nd series, play 4: HaRoman are effing IDIOTS here. Backed up on their own 5 yard line after watching CK get annihilated x3 times already in just 2 short series, they put him in a 5-step drop and run only deep go-routes with one late outlet. That's one 30 yard route, one 40 and one 45. CK, naturally, barely escapes giving up a safety and just heeves it up as he gets hit again. THESE are the issues I have with our play-calling. If CK got hurt this down, it would be the talk of the town. Luckily, he wasn't! It's these kinds of poor situational awareness issues that drive me absolutely nuts with our offensive coaching staff. I don't mind the play call…just not in THAT situation! If the DL is getting mad pressure and is physically destroying your 100M+ QB, throw some quick 3 step drops, quick outs to Boldin, a RB screen to James/Hyde, WR screen, etc. Also, our run-blocking scheme is just too basic and predictable. For instance, other than the obvious first down runs which has been sent to all NFL defenses via a formal memo, on the 2nd series, play 7, the Chargers knew what was coming. They had 8 men stacked up within 2 yards of the LOS and left single coverage outside. Why do we not audible here? There also needs to be much better communication from the coaches and via line calls as to who is struggling and needs help and who doesn't. In short, we needed no help on the right side of the OL at all.

OL Ryan Seymour (aka: Jack-of-All-Trades)

Series 1
Play 1 – Double, RB. Is playing RG and fires down on the NT with Martin.

Play 2 – Single, RB. Fires off the LOS to get to the second level.

Play 3 – Single, PP. Good inside PP.

Play 4 – Double, RB. Doubles down the NT out of the play for a Johnson run.

Play 5 – Single, PP. Got high and pushed back by #75 but held enough for a completed pass.

Play 6 – Double, RB. Doubles up the NT with LG Netter and then fires to next level to block. Well done.

Play 7 – Single, RB. Chip block and slides over to help C Martin.

Play 8 – Single, PP. Walls off #75 (DE) and also wide-bodies the inside blitz. Well done!

Play 9 – Double, PP. Stonewalls #99 and gives zero ground to him and then stays active ensuring the play is finished.

Play 10 – Single, PP. This is what you want to see. He faces #75 again and this time, he gets lower and only allows about a two yard push (well done)!

Play 11 – Single, PP. This time he fires at the DE and stuns him in his tracks. Martin slid over to help but it wasn't needed.

Series 2
Play 1 – Single, PP. That #75 is a strong dude but again, Seymour holds him strong and shoves him out before he can penetrate the pocket.

Play 2 – Single, PP. This time he picks up the blitzing inside #59 LB well and washes him off across the face and out of the pocket. And he "almost" shoved him into the second blitzer forcing him off of Johnson (who got pressured on that play).

Play 3 – Single, PP. Takes on #75 again and just blocked him right past the pocket and out of the play. It helped lead to a 3rd down completion to Ellington inside the 10.

Play 4 – Single, RB. This time he gets too high and #68 shoves him back two yards on a run to his side and four defenders convert on a 2-yard TFL.

Play 5 – Single, PP. His man gets no movement on him (s/h/b a TD pass by Johnson but he was pressured by an unmarked man on the right side d/t an overload).

Play 6 – Single, PP. Gets powered back a few yards but holds that fatty on an anchor and holds a clean pocket.

End of his assessment (i.e. you get the idea)

Overall Assessment: The bottom line is this dude is a keeper. He's been just as effective at T and he is at G in pass protection and has good sound technique and uses good leverage in run blocking. He is, or should be IMHO, our new Adam Snyder but with a much better skillset and upside and is much cheaper. He can also play the C and I'm now wondering if we'll work him into that backup role with Marcus Martin out.

C Marcus Martin (Kilgore)

3rd Quarter
Play 1 - 11 personnel - 5 step quick throw.. MM shaded a bit on each side by the DTs... he and the LG have no trouble stopping the progress of the LDT crashing to the right. LG should have stayed with the RDT, who put a lick on Gabby.

Play 2 - 11 personnel - handoff LMJ.. MM has RDT nosed up... MM loses his footing and ends up on his knees instantly.. hard to see why or how, to be honest. I'd need my larger TV for that if anything.. but not going into the other room.. either way, MM was not the reason for this blocking breakdown. The RE penetrated instantly through the LG and LT, causing LMJ to kick it out wide.. good pursuit to the sideline.

Play 3 - 11 personnel - 5 step drop, and Gabby lets loose rather quickly.. MM slightly shaded by DTs and 2 ILBs in his face showing blitz.. MM did suck a bit on this one.. He gives a shove, but quickly loses around his outside shoulder on the blitzer.
Play 4 - 22 personnel - false start on LG Farrell

Play 5 - 22 personnel - Gabby fumbles the snap. Can't really tell, but that looked more on QB than C

Play 6 - 22 personnel - run play for Alfonso.. MM nosed up by the interior DL... MM holds his ground, but it's a stalemate, and the DL gets some angle towards the run play. Overall, it wasn't the problem, but sustaining that block would have saved Alfonso the fat hog landing on him after the stop.

Play 7 - 10 personnel - 5 step drop and quick pass on a crosser.. MM is uncovered and left free.. so he eventually assists the LG vs RDT, though no real need to
Play 8 - 10 personnel - read option from shotgun for Josh J.. MM has the RDT nosed up... MM does a fine job engaging and keeping him neutralized from the play.

Play 9 - 10 personnel - quick 3 step from shotgun.. RDT slight shade on MM.. MM does well keeping RDT neutralized with help from the LG. Good looking back shoulder throw from JJ.

Play 10 - 10 personnel - inside handoff from shotgun to Alfonso.. MM has RDT nosed up.. MM has no trouble walling off the RDT.

Play 11 - 10 personnel - inside handoff from shotgun to Alfonso.. MM is shaded by the LDT and RDT.. MM instantly engages the LDT and does his job. The LG and LT fail miserably here... as does the RG, all allowing converging pressure in backfield.

Play 12 - 10 personnel - defensive neutral zone penalty

Play 13 - 10 personnel - quick throw from shotgun.. every damn SD defender at the los, lolz. Interior OL held up well, as JJ quick tosses pass to Alfonso in the flat to beat the blitz. MM does a fair job of minimizing the pocket push vs the interior blitzer.

Play 14 - 10 personnel - QB sack from shotgun.. MM was nosed up by the RDT. Off the snap, MM instantly turns to the LDT and puts him on his kness. A slot CB blitz and then an unsustained block from LG vs RDT gets JJ.

Play 15 - 10 personnel - 3 step quick throw from shotgun.. MM slightly shaded by RDT. He and LG have no troubles here. I like that MM shows alertness for delay blitzes and stunts.

Play 16 - 10 personnel - 2 step quick pass.. MM is uncovered, but does have a potential blitz LB closer to the line ahead. LB drops in coverage, so MM is free and with nothing to do.. eventually gives the RG an unneeded assist. Pass was high... usually a hit like that gets flagged, but not for us, lol.
Play 17 - 21 personnel - 7 step drop.. MM nosed up by RDT.. MM is right to stay with the RDT and does so just fine. MM does eventually "lose" his DT as the play breaks down.. no major issue ensues. There is a S lined up far right-side beyond the TE and that S is stunting inside thru an A gap, but that's the RB's assignment.

Play 18 - 12 personnel with RB shifting out wide as receiver... 2 step quick pass... MM lined up with the interior DL, and he blocks him well, as the RG blocks the incoming blitzer.

Play 19 - 10 personnel - quick pass on 1 stepper.. DB shows blitz at los in front of MM, but backs out...MM left free, but nothing to really deal with.

Play 20 - 21 personnel - handoff to Winston... BAD run block from MM... he was slow to get to 2nd level, and whiffed on the LB pursuing and filling the run lane. He wasn't the only fail.

4th Quarter
Play 1 - 22 personnel - shotgun.. 3 step lob to the EZ.. MM has NT nosed up... MM and RG keep that NT neutralized.

Play 2 - 11 personnel - shotgun.. 2 steps and then JJ gets outside pressure and scrambles left... MM and LG have no trouble blocking the RDL.
Play 3 - 22 personnel - RB handoff.. MM nosed up by NT... drives left engaging the RE and moves him away from the play.

Play 4 - jumbo 1 wideout, 23 personnel or extra OL?.. anyone give a fig?MM shaded by NT and RE.. does nice job of getting puch on NT as he makes way to 2nd level for LB then DB blocks.

Play 5 - jumbo 1 wideout, 23 personnel or extra OL?.. anyone give a fig? PA rollout for JJ... MM nosed up by NT... does well to instantly get to the right and pop block on the LE to keep him from lateral pursuit.

Play 6 - jumbo 1 wideout, 23 personnel or extra OL?.. anyone give a fig?handoff... MM nosed up by NT.. MM engages the NT and though MM eventually gets ripped down by the NT, the run play is long beyond them.

Play 7 - jumbo 1 wideout, 23 personnel or extra OL?.. anyone give a fig? MM nosed up by NT... MM gets good surge on NT, with help from RG... as MM works to 2nd level to block the ILB... poor dude gets rolled up on here, and injured....

Overall Assessment: There is much to be impressed with in young Marcus Martin. The same can and should be said for Kilgore, but back to Martin... He shows the discipline and awareness to be a good starting OL. If I had any hyper-critical thought, it's that he looks like he should be mauling defenders, but is playing with more caution. Maybe that's a good thing for now. Once he grows in confidence, he should be driving and pancaking dudes. There wasn't a lot of plays (was there any?) that required him to pull or block out in space... so we'll see if there could be limitations there. Sadly, may have to wait a long while. I like what I see... and between his development, along with guys like Kilgore, Looney, and Brandon Thomas? We really don't need to overpay Iupati... whether he deserves it in the end or not.
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you create the thread but only give us a teaser.....
Originally posted by jreff22:
you create the thread but only give us a teaser.....

I like to keep you guys on your toes. LOL
I'll be waiting for this because I have no way of breaking it down yet. I'll add in Tim Ryan said he broke down last week's game tape and he said Seymour played well as did Snyder. Did he mention anyone else? Then someone posted an article that Dillon Farrell played well too.

Side note my gut reaction I posted this in another thread but:
Marcus Martin got a late start to camp so he's just getting started. He will get better as we get him into better shape and tighten him up. It takes time to get into game shape but on top of it he still needs to get stronger and tighten up (what rookie doesn't though). That being said he's probably already stronger than Kilgore who has had 3 years to get stronger and he seems to be about the same as when he was a rookie. He will be one of the smaller/quicker (still not that quick) centers but he needed to get much stronger to help anchor and get push in the run game. He is signed for 4 years like an average of like 1.2 million so at worst he is a solid paid backup who can play C, G, or extra tackle. Basically like Snyder but better and 6 years younger.
Originally posted by Gore_21:
I'll be waiting for this because I have no way of breaking it down yet. I'll add in Tim Ryan said he broke down last week's game tape and he said Seymour played well as did Snyder. Did he mention anyone else? Then someone posted an article that Dillon Farrell played well too.

Side note my gut reaction I posted this in another thread but:
Marcus Martin got a late start to camp so he's just getting started. He will get better as we get him into better shape and tighten him up. It takes time to get into game shape but on top of it he still needs to get stronger and tighten up (what rookie doesn't though). That being said he's probably already stronger than Kilgore who has had 3 years to get stronger and he seems to be about the same as when he was a rookie. He will be one of the smaller/quicker (still not that quick) centers but he needed to get much stronger to help anchor and get push in the run game. He is signed for 4 years like an average of like 1.2 million so at worst he is a solid paid backup who can play C, G, or extra tackle. Basically like Snyder but better and 6 years younger.

Yeah, I skimmed through all the snaps last night re: Martin just to get a high-level feel for him and he stood out to me as someone who's been eating a lot of steaks and who we should consider for our NT spot. Kidding. No, he looked very grounded, very stout, even athletic for his size, I liked how he got to the second level a lot (very natural blocking multiple players down the field), like how he shileds off and redirects the DL, pretty good in pass protection, missed a few assignments, picking up players late, etc. To me, physically and skillwise, he has it it's just 100% mental and getting his fat ass back into football shape.
His college tape what stood out at me is how quick he got to the 2nd level but seemed like he was lost on who to block once he got there. I like him a lot just need to tighten him up, get in game shape (like I said he's behind everyone else due to injury), add some muscle and get the mental part down.

By the way 49ers spin put the game up if anyone wants to help break down. You can hit the gear setting thing to change to 480p but no 720p like last week on 49ers spin. Much easier breaking down tape on a dvr.
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sorry double post
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Do you think Martin has a chance to start over Kilgore week 1? If not and barring injury, how many games do you think Kilgore will start this season?

C Daniel Kilgore is up (in the OP).
Originally posted by ghostrider:
Do you think Martin has a chance to start over Kilgore week 1? If not and barring injury, how many games do you think Kilgore will start this season?

Possible if he's picking up the playbook and assignments mentally. But physically, he looked out of shape and has a ways to go. He did show a lot of positive though.
Originally posted by Gore_21:
His college tape what stood out at me is how quick he got to the 2nd level but seemed like he was lost on who to block once he got there. I like him a lot just need to tighten him up, get in game shape (like I said he's behind everyone else due to injury), add some muscle and get the mental part down.

By the way 49ers spin put the game up if anyone wants to help break down. You can hit the gear setting thing to change to 480p but no 720p like last week on 49ers spin. Much easier breaking down tape on a dvr.

Thanks! My DVR crapped out part way through the 4Q.

Note the OP and how it was done. Does anyone want to take any other players outside J.Martin (me) and Looney & Iupati (WRATH)?
Trivia Question: Who was the first player to officially touch the ball at the new Levi Stadium?

Edit: not Prater, I meant Ewald , or did you mean Bruce Miller?
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Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by ghostrider:
Do you think Martin has a chance to start over Kilgore week 1? If not and barring injury, how many games do you think Kilgore will start this season?

Possible if he's picking up the playbook and assignments mentally. But physically, he looked out of shape and has a ways to go. He did show a lot of positive though.

Possible but not probable?

What's your assessment of Kilgore?
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