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Not are (our) year....

Nothing to do with one pre season game, just looking at what's ahead of us.

-vastly improved overall competition in our division. Seattle are the champs, St. Louis will be a force and the cards won't be an easy task.

- our schedule: very tough in my opinion.. If we don't start off fast it could make for a very difficult season.

- injuries....this may be the year which we cannot overcome multiple major injuries.. Yes we have depth but some of the folks we're relying on don't have a lot of game experience.

-The defense will take a step back this season.. While the offense may be better overall, the defense will regress somewhat this season. Injuries to the front seven will be tough to overcome and with basically a new secondary in place will take time to gel..

Overall equals a step back for us this season..
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Game** not babe :)
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We are more improved than any of the other teams in our division.

We have one of the deepest WR units in the NFL. Last year we probably had the thinnest.
We are deep at linebacker, despite the injures/suspensions.
Our two best corners from each of the last two years are our starting corners this year.
All of our young guys are looking good. A little raw in their first preseason game, but good.

We have a flood of players coming back to practice in the next few days and weeks. That should help us look a lot better in the meaningless preseason.
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Evein if Gire tho
I agree. It's not are year....

It's OUR year!!!!
I'm just worried about Cully and the will Bethea fit in....and of course the main culprit, that mad scientist Greg.

Besides that i think we should be fine.
It's human nature to think in a negative fashion. Like many of you Webzone fans that gave emotional support since the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's being loyal to the team through good and bad years is the true test.
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our success depends on Kap's progress from last season.
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Statistically speaking - it shouldn't be our year.

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Season relies on Kaps progression as a pocket passer and on our young secondary. We will be able to run and stop the run. Our secondary needs to play some games and get a certain amount of cohesion going and they'll be tested right out of the gates at the beginning of the season and while this process is taking place Kap really needs to step up his pocket game- our passing game is set to improve, it's pretty much on Kaps shoulders at this point. We have everything in place.

We need to be able to convert thitd downs, keep opposing QB's off the field. Score off of turnovers and get the ball in the endzone when we
re in the redzone. Kap should be locked to Whitfields hip so he can best utilize our great WR core and TE's. If Kap struggles like he did last season our season is over. Everything relies on his progress as a pocket passer. His field vision. There WILL be an open man on just about evvery pass play. Kap needs to be able to find him. I cant wait! Gonna be an exciting season.

By the way, Arizona's defense isn't the same this season. No Dansby and no Washington. They wont be able t stop the run as well and wont be able to get as much pressure on QB's. The Rams offense has a question mark on it. It all depends on Bradford's play. Seattle is going to have some issues with the new focus on defensive penalties. This is our year!
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