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Best season in 20-30 years, better enjoy it....

It has been tough to swallow! I mean... 1 fumble by a backup KR at home, in o.t. to NYG whom won the SB, a 22 pt comeback, with the lights going out and a BS non holding call, and a tipped pass by Sherman away from 3 straight Super Bowl's!!!

It doesn't get more stressful than that! but this is the year damn it! Ironic number 49 this year, a new stadium, and SB 50 at home next season.

It doesn't get more ironic, fitting, and time for us to win one than that!

Im pumped for 2014!!! Go Niners
In my mind, they did win 3 straight SB's! It may not show on the trophy, or to others, but I watched and know the real result and see the talent on this roster. Tied for the most wins in the league since Harbaugh's arrival, the most pro bowlers, but yet to still have won 1 damn SB over these 3 years!!

It's pure BS and everyone knows it!! Even my friends are like.... Brah, U guys have the best team in the league. period!!

That's all I need for now, but this is the year!!!!
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Nice thread CWin4949 !

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