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NFCW 2014 finishing order

Dang,English, that is the one funniest clip ever shown. I laugh every time I see it and always wonder...just WTF was going thru his head at the particular moment he ducked his head to miss get stoned? I mean , you would expect a WR to at least throw his hands up in the air, or something, right? But this is just hilarious. I suspect he would love to see this clip disappear.

And whoever is picking SEA to go 8-8, I will take that bet. They are great at everything, but excel at...HOLDING. And that is a big advantage. I can't wait to see my first SEA game this yr. I will bet anything they hold like mothers...once again this yr. But it will be fascinating to see where the refs draw the line. Last year...well last year and holding in SEA was a NFL joke. Yes they changed the rule...but will refs really call SEA on it?
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Don't know if posted but looks like the Niners had better get more aggresive on both sides of the ball-
Originally posted by Phil:
Not sure if I already quoted this madness but this is madness. Our WR core IS BEAST this season. Get outta here with that nonsense.

It's not just the WR core.

Look at the starting CB's.
I believe PFF rated Tramaine Brock as our best corner last year.
Guess who was are top rated CB two years ago? Chris Culliver.

So we will have the top rated CB's of the last two seasons starting at CB this year. That doesn't sound like a downgrade to me.
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