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The worst that can happen is....

The worst that can happen is for us to open up 0-3, flatter than a pancake... but odds of that are extremely remote.

Kap ...has more women problems... hard to imagine after the comeuppance and real life lesson he learned in Miami. Another one of those...well, again seems highly unlikely. If it looks like a woman, Kap, it comes with a beware sign on it. He probably has learned that one.

Part B of kap... he can't link up with his WRs and looks like a rookie. Could happen, but all things point to continued improvement. Outlook? kap breaks into top 6 QBs.

Part C of Kap...he gets injured and blaine takes over. Please, Lord, don't let that happen. Note to OL: Protect our & your QB.

Cully... steps on his own tongue again, it will probably be for the last time as a 49er. Hard to prevent saying that which just comes out of your mouth, but somehow, my guess is he probably will keep inflammatory statements and motor vehicle problems off the front pages this yr.

Aldon... well so far has dodged the LAX "bomb" bullet, but remains on the commish's list for potential disciplinary action. Since he has already "voluntarily" spent 5 weeks in rehab during the season, unlike others, I think he may skate with that. He voluntarily removed himself for a third of last season, and went to rehab. The worst that could happen is another "oh no" moment, but somehow, I don't see it. There comes a time when the message finally gets thru.

Bowman... a full season needed for rehab. If we lost him permanently, it would be losing a great all pro...but with a bit of luck, I hope to see him in Nov sometime.

Crabs...gets hurt again. Nah, he has his one injury and I think he gets a pass on injuries from now on.

Vernon...gets antsy for another extension prior to next season...don't think so as he looks like he learned his lesson and will follow 9er format to wait til 2015 to renegotiate. Hope he gets rid of that stock idea tho.

Boone...really doesn't show up for camp, and tries holding out into the season. Why did he follow the Vernon playbook? If he does sit out, well, we have good talent backup, but boone is a bona fide starter. Another self inflicted injury. Stupidity in play.

One of our 3 WR triumvirate gets hurt...could happen, but we have ellington, patton standing by. We haven't been this well off WR-wise since, well, I can't remember when. Worse yet would be that they suddenly all get dropsies. Don't bet on it.

Roman...enters 2014 calling plays like the last 3 yrs, with no idea what to do in RZ, nor on Goal line in the NFCC or the SB. Could happen, but this yr I think he has so much more talent that if he tries to mimic last few years will get pulled as play caller and JH takes over. At the very least let's hope he doesn't call 60.3% of our 1st downs as runs. If so, I see an abbreviated yr as playcaller for his nibs, Ro-man.

Frank...gets hurt for the first time ever as a niner, but magically, we have Hyde ready, not to mention Hunter and there is always james. Bet on Frank making it thru the season with the 9ers on his back.

Ward...isn't what we thought. A blow, but somehow I don't think so. Instead the kid becomes, with Bethea, Reid, Brock, Cully/et al, a hard press coverage D backfield that completely changes our D...for the better.

Trent...misses on ALL his picks. Go ahead , bet on that one and 70,000 fans will bet against you.

Coach H...calms down on the sidelines, looks like a guy on Prozac. Again, bet on that one and 80,000 fans bet against you.

the 49ers...once again go to the SB and lose in the last minute. Sure, could happen...but bet on that one and 150,000 fans will bet against you. Likelihood of winning it all? Looks good from here.

Finally, Jed says "fooey on it, I'm gonna let my dad take over again". Ain't gonna happen.

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puh leez.

GTFO with that negative.
Seattle winning Super Bowl 50 in Levi's
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Seattle winning Super Bowl 50 in Levi's

They win 49 and then threepeat in Levi's
Originally posted by LayTheWoodall:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Seattle winning Super Bowl 50 in Levi's

They win 49 and then threepeat in Levi's


Oh, and to answer the question, the earth could get blown up and life ends.

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The team plane crashes into Levi's Stadium. Everyone's dead.
Kap continues Lombardiless tattoo parade
They do an end around to Boldin in the NFC Championship game against the sea hawks, and Boldin Makes the smart decision to throw to Vernon on a corner route for a TD. then Vernon Goes on a rant saying Richard Sherman is mediocre and how he needs to get paid.

Smart, yet stupid
Originally posted by HowBoutThat12:

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Jed mysteriously gets kidnapped... Mommy/Daddy take over, AGAIN

The one poster in here achieves his dream and gets to park his yacht in Alviso.

12th turds stop coming on this site...

There's plenty more, trust me..........
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^^ Cawk suckers are so enamored with us they started making short films on 49er fans and what not... good luck with those sorry actors at the Sundance Film Festival
God I can't wait til the Niners & the rest of the NFL smash these fools

People/things to go thermonuclear on: dick sherman, cheat carroll, frodo wilson, his ex for being a ho, paul allen for microsoft & windows 8, starbucks for their s**t ripoff of peet's coffee, amazon for their crap shipping.....basically that whole town needs to get obliterated by N Korea in the name of 'llah
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