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The COMPLETE Fro'th of July Spectacular! (2014 49er Season Prediction Thread)

In ten years of posting, I have found that there are very few things that I haven't done. Yet, in all this self-aggrandizement, I have failed to do the one thing, one should do on an NFL board: talk football. Since, I have found better people to actually talk football then me, I will actually not be talking football, but doing what I do best, commenting on the absurdity of it all.

For the first time, I am making a prediction post on the 49ers 2014-15 campaign.

But, but, we already have PYMWYMI:

Don't look at me like that! I am serious, I am making a prediction thread.

PART I: The insanity of our inscrutable desire to embrace the prevailing homer view on the Niners forth coming march to glory or why all prediction threads say the same f**king thing and never really tell you anything, but how this one might just change all that.

I know what you're thinking, but this s**t is going to be epic.

When I first setout to do this, I was going to go all in with dick and fart jokes, make fun of something stupid in the news, make a passing reference to my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks, throw in a picture of supermodel super fan Marissa Miller, and say something poignant. Something like: "Heart and desire, and added youth, win championships, the Niners have all three. Niners go 12-4 on the season, win when it matters, lose when it don't, and grab our sixth world championship in Phoeniz, AZ, with me, FROPWNS, and his lovely wife, MRS. FROPWNS, in attendance. GO NINERS, GO!

After ten years, though, you've heard or seen all that s**t. So, I scraped it. Then I thought to myself, who could I con into helping me talk about where the Niners are, what their potential was this season, what could we fix, and what does our future look like?

You see most prediction threads just spout the same old tripe, and, well, I like to be different. I think a prediction thread should actually go beyond just picking the results of a season, but discuss what has to change, and when possible examine the future of the organization.

And it should have dick and fart jokes.

I can't think of any right now, but they are coming, I swear it.

I said coming. LuLz

And it should have Marissa Miller.

Not what you were expecting? She's a mom now, dude! Show some f'n respect, will ya? Besides, you wouldn't like her when she is angry….

Show me angry! Show me sexy! Show me zombie-esque! Work it, Work it!


She gets it. Do you? We are going to win.

Regardless of what happens from this point on, fair reader, I will do my best to entertain you and bring in experts who will inform you.

PART II: Why we should always listen to spectral images that inform us of the importance of the moment or how Ghost may just damn well know more about the Niners than the rest of us combined. That is if we can get him, the busiest man on the planet, to turn in his section on time. Since this did not happen, here is what happened, Fropwns-style.

FP: Uhm, excuse me, Ghost?

FP: Ghost?

FP: Ghost?


GhostofFredDean74 (as played by FP): I've had it with these fools and their quixotesque ideas about the glory of the forward pass! You run the rock, you don't chuck it!

FP: Ghost? Uhhh..

GhostofFredDean74(as played by FP): I am ready now, Fro. You may, introduce me.

FP: Introduce? What the…oh well. Ladies and gentlemen, a man that needs really no introduction, he is a member of the inaugural class off the Webzone Hall of Fame, truly beloved by all. He is easily one of the most knowledgeable dudes here, and he is a friend, GhostofFredDean74 as played by me!

GhostofFredDean74(as played by FP): Thank you, Fro. Goooooooooddddddd evening! I am Gh...

Moltar: It doesn't matter, who you are!

GhostofFredDean74(as played by FP):MOLTAR! "Ah, my old friend Kirk, do you know the Klingon proverb that says revenge is a dish best served cold? It is very cold in space." (Khan, STII)


Moltar flees.

GhostofFredDean74(as played by FP): "He tasks me. He tasks me, and I shall have him. I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round perdition's flame before I give him up!" (Khan, Star Trek II).



FP: Well damn. How I am going to come up with any filler until my next guest? I got it! Have you ever noticed the guy that plays Nate, on Six Feet Under looks like Harbs?

He threw it to Crabs, again.

He threw it to Crabs, again.

He threw it to Crabs, again.

He threw it to Crabs, again.

I tried to tell him, "it's all about the flow", but he went and threw the ball to Crabs, again.

FP: That's all for now, part 3 and 4 coming up!

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What? White people liked Sanford and Son.

PART III: Why I hated math in school, but now use it all the f**kin' time or How AB, who I have run with and known FOREVER, did yo' boy a solid and did the math for him!

FP: AB! YOU SON OF A b***h! Alright, AB. First, welcome! Now I had a series of questions for you and you took the time to answer them. So, let's get to it.

Tell me about the Kaep deal. We're f**ked, right?

AB: "I believe the Kaepernick deal gives the 49ers the option to convert a ton of base salary into signing bonus, which prorates over 5 years maximum. I do believe the 49ers will be able to retain some of their key players. The biggest question mark is Michael Crabtree, as we all know is on his final year of his rookie deal, and is looking to cash in. I think if Crabtree keeps his demands/wants reasonable, then we can definitely work out a deal to keep Crabtree in the Bay Area long term."

FP What about Boone and Davis? I mean Davis is soooooooooooooooooo fuuu now that it has been declared by an arbitrator that Jimmy Graham is definitely a TE and not a WR. Wait a second, I have breaking news over my headset. We have it? My producer Tito the Delivery Guy tells me that we have an image of VD's reaction.

Let's see it:

I love you VD, but PLAY YO' s**t OUT, YO!

Let me guess, you thought after TEN YEARS, I would forget what got me here?
All Hail Tito the Delivery Guy!

AB: (Shaking his head) "Now that the 49ers have signed their franchise quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, to a mega 6-year extension, worth up to $126 million, there is a lot of focus towards the Vernon Davis, and Alex Boone, as both are holding out for new deals. I don't expect the 49ers to stray from their stance, and give into their demands for new deals. Especially now that Davis has said it's not a big deal if he doesn't get an extension."

FP: AB, I remember when you came on board and proclaimed your love for Arnaz Battle; today, it is for Anquan Boldin. So, what say ye, lover of dudes with the initials "AB" have to say about our forthcoming season?

From this:



AB: "As for the season, I believe the 49ers will compete for the NFC West division crown, as well as the Super Bowl in February. I want to say they will finish with 12-13 wins, and definitely get into the playoffs. I believe the NFC West will be a good division, of course as a 49ers fan I believe they will win it. But it will be a fun season to see how this deep and talented team does in 2014."

FP: Thank you, AB!

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PART IV: Why my next guest is the Shane-O Mac of Ninertalk or Why I think NCommand will be in the HOF sooner rather than later. Now, hit his damn music!

FP: NC, thank you for stopping by. I know you are busy, lad. So do yo' thing!

NC: Fro, you asked about the following: "With that being said, you have spent a great deal of time studying the offense. Kaep, has new weapons, a new contract, and it appears a new QB specialist (George Whitfield) to work with him and the others. Is this still the same ground and pound offense of the past three seasons or much like the transition from Candlestick to Levi's are we seeing something change on the O-side of the ball?"

Projections are used from Week 13 (when Crabtree came back) through the NFCCG for a grand total of 8 games. Those 8 games were a much better indicator of how we utilize our offensive weapons and we played some top-tier defenses in playoff-like scenarios throughout. It's about as close to who we are as one can get.

Per Game & Per Year stats:
WR1 (Boldin) = 6 RPG & 85 YPG. Total = 96 RPG & 1,360 YPG
WR2 (Crabtree) = 4 RPG & 61 YPG. Total = 64 RPG & 976 YPG
WR3 (Davis) = 2 RPG & 35 YPG. Total = 32 RPG & 560 YG
WR4 (Johnson) = 2 RPG & 31 YPG. Total = 31 RPG & 500 YPG
HB (Combined) = 2.5 RPG & 21 YPG. Total = 40 RPG & 336 YPG

Total Passing: 263 RPY & 3,700 YPY

Kaepernick: (Big help from Niners816)
Attempts - 480
Completions - 300
Completion % - 62.5%
Yards - 3,700
TD's - 25
INT's - 10
QB Rating - 95.0
Rushing Yards - 500
Rushing TD's - 5

Total Rushing: 30 RPG for 132 YPG. Total = 486 CPY & 2,125 YPY & 4.37 YPCA

2014 Total Offensive Projections:
Receptions: 263 RPY & 3,700 YPY
Running: 486 CPY & 2,125 YPY & 4.37 YPCYA

Summary: In short, we don't change much in terms of offensive philosophy but we add Stevie Johnson into the 3 WR-sets more and he adds 300-500 yards this year as the #4 weapon. As a result of the Stevie Johnson acquisition, McDonald gets about the same number of looks as last year which is about 20 targets. Other than a few package plays a year, I don't expect much of anything from Patton/Ellington barring injury, of course. In the running game, we stay the course in terms of total yards (it's who we are) BUT we may see a better mix of RB's this year between Gore, Lattimore, Hyde and Hunter/Miller. Hyde could be very special and don't be surprised if he becomes our everything-back by the end of the season. If he adds an off-tackle running ability while also being stellar inside the tackles, can catch, block down field and pass protect, he can be our future and add an element we haven't seen here in the Gore-era. I don't anticipate much of anything from James (if he even makes the team). The X-factor here could be an added emphasis on the short passing game incorporating an H-back again with Carrier (if he makes the team) and Gore, Hyde, Lattimore, Hunter and Miller. Adding this one single element could propel our offense into a mid-tier offense (from 31st to 15th in total yards) and make life hell for defenses. Why? B/c defenses will not only have to defend against our standard intermediate passing game and spy CK but somehow focus on the running game which leaves the HB's wide open with nobody covering them which is exactly what we saw once Crabtree came back and esp. in the NFCCG. Expect a Pass/Rush Ratio closer to 48%/52% this year (Niners816).

FP: And, now, I feel stupid.

NC:Don't feel, dumb. Here, watch this:

NC: Feel better?

FP: Yeah, yeah, I do!

NC: OK, I have us going 12-4 and winning the NFC West but it's going to be a monster battle. We'll probably end up the #2 seed though b/c of a couple tough losses within our own division. So first round bye and we we win the Superbowl...#6

Now, if you will excuse me, I am out!


FP: In order to provide you with everything you need to know. Here is your latest on

Free Agency:

LeBron James:




MJ on free agency:







PART IV (B): How we turn a prediction thread into something else or How we impregnate this thread with the embryo of another!

DISCIPLES, you demand more of me every time out! This is the Fro'th of July! It is a day of celebration of our heritage, albeit a controversial one, but nonetheless a celebration! So why not give you a little bit of flavor from another thread that many of you Ninertalk folks may never see:

Yes, we have, my fellow 49er fans, a grilling thread (Selfish self-promotion alert!).

Yes, I love to grill. And yes, the above is a live shot of some ribs that are headed to the smoker for lovin'! But I enjoy healthy stuff a great deal as well. I had wanted to include Boast in this thread to give us some tips on healthy eating, but all he would say is this:

Now for a live action shot of Rubberneck in his pool!

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PART V: Why this post will make you do this:

A thing for all of us to remember: "Fate protects fools, little children, and websites named Webzone."

There is a reason we are number one, and it ain't me. I feel it is the up and coming poster, the guy that comes along once and awhile that you want to see get the "rub" or "push" from an old timer that makes this place go. Then there are guys that just don't need it because they are that DAMN GOOD. My next guest is that man.

Ladies and gent...

JR: WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW, I AM GOOD OL' JR! And with me is my broadcast partner, THE KING!


JR: Marissa Miller's Puppies,Indeed. King, we just heard thl408's music hit! He interrupted Fropwns!

KING: I don't know, JR, but I don't like it.

JR: Let's get back to the ring. WAIT A SECOND! WHAT THE HELL!!!


thl408: NOW, hit my other music!

Fropwns asked me to come out and dissect some of our woes against the World Champion (spits) Seattle Seahawks. Oops, Fro asked me to call them THUNDERCHICKENS!

Production on 1st Down using the passing game One of the characteristics of a true West Coast Offense is, 'pass to set up the run'. Here are some examples of when the 49ers used that idea to easily move the chains. #1 49ers use a simple read play to get the ball into Miller's hands on a short pass. SEA: cover3

Play action is used to lure the strong side LB (flat zone defender) past the line of scrimmage. This allows Boldin to block him and not commit offensive pass interference. The CB at the top of the screen will bail towards his deep third zone. Miller attacks the flat.

Boldin's block and VD's route are key to getting Miller room to run after the catch. Boldin blocks the flat zone defender on that side of the field, VD clears the deep zone defender (CB) on that side of the field. Gain of 7 on 1st down.

#2 49ers will attack the sideline defender at the top of the screen. SEA: rush 5 with cover3 shell (3 deep zonedefenders, 3 underneath zone defenders)

The CB on Boldin is bailing (hips turned upfield) to his deep third zone to form cover3. A quick out route, combined with a strong armed QB, is a win against bail technique.

Boldin for a gain of 9, on 1st down.

From above, Play #1 is highlighted in red. Play #2 is highlighted in yellow. In both cases, the play afterwards was a run play that moved the chains. Even had 2nd down failed, the 49ers could have called another run play to try and move the chains because they only needed short yardage.

#3 This isn't a 1st & 10 play because there was an offsides penalty that made it 1st &15. 49ers stack WRs to get a partial rub with the routes designed to attack the flat zone defender. SEA: cover3

VD draws the attention of two defenders. Here he takes the flat defender (Chancellor) with him as VD gets vertical. Miller has room to work the flat. Kap targets Miller.

Kap takes the short route. Miller for a gain of 11. 49ers will end up moving the chains for a new set of downs.

Setting up manageable 2nd downs is key for the 49ers in order to keep the entire playbook available. '2nd & short' also sets up play action opportunities to strike for big chunk plays.

JR: MAH GAWD THIS MAN. THIS thl408 has laid out Fropwns and now has control of the thread. Let's see what happens next!

Beat press man coverage with the backside WR

The 49ers will often line up in a 3x1 alignment with their WRs. The side with 3 is the playside (strongside). The side with 1 is the backside. SEA always played press man coverage against the backside WR. What they did on the other side varied, but they certainly had a tendency.

#1 49ers: All Curls concept on the playside. The backside WR is Boldin. Both CBs show press alignment, but only one will actually play press man coverage. SEA: Let's call this 'cover3 hybrid' since one of the CBs is playing man coverage. This is a coverage SEA called a lot versus the 49er's 3x1 alignment. The strongside CB played zone while the backside CB played press man.

The CB at the top is bailing to his deep third zone, hips turned upfield while watching the QB. The CB at the bottom is playing man coverage as his back is turned to the QB, watching Boldin the whole way. Kap gets the snap and immediately looks backside for the back shoulder throw. The back shoulder throw defeats press man coverage, but it's not an easy catch or throw.

Incomplete pass as Boldin can't reel in the throw.

#2 Here is one of the few times SEA did not play cover3 hybrid. SEA: shows cover2, but comes with cover1 man (1 deep safety, man coverage)

Kap gets the snap and immediately looks backside to Patton, who is blanketed.

Patton does not work for the back shoulder throw with any urgency. The WR must sell the go route to get the CB turned upfield, going at full speed, in order to come to a stop for the back shoulder throw. Patton barely sells the go route and is seen looking back for the throw too early.

Kap looking backside, red lights the throw to Patton, then is flushed from the pocket for a turnover.

If Kap looks to the playside, the CB on Crabs stumbles. Boldin gets some separation on his pivot route.

#3 49ers will try to attack the sideline defender playing deep zone with a deep curl route (Boldin). If that defender is bailing, a curl route can get a pass completed in front of the defender. Backside WR is Crabs. SEA: cover3 hybrid

The CB at the stop of the screen bails, but SEA rolls zone defenders over to the playside. This gives the defense two underneath zone defenders that defeats Boldin's deep curl route. Kap will red light the routes on the playside and look to the backside where Crabs is going against press man coverage.

Kap completes a pass to Crabs for 22 yards.

Crabs works hard to earn this catch against press technique, or as SEA plays it, bump and grab technique.

With Kap showing a willingness to look backside, it's important for that backside WR to win his battles more often than not against SEA's press man coverage. That backside WR is on an island with no rub/pick routes to help him gain separation. It's a 1 on 1 physical battle,quickness battle, and technique battle. The 49ers acquired a player that excels at beating man coverage in Stevie Johnson. The 49ers will use all their WRs lined up as the backside WR. When it's SJ's turn to line up there, he must excel at what he's good at.

JR: King, it looks like Fro's coming back to life here. OH DEAR GAWD! AGAIN WITH THE SUPERMAN PUNCH!

King: I guess, thl408 still has more to say.


Stopping the run with the nickel package

#1 Week 2

SEA sends out 3 WRs and the 49ers answer with nickel personnel (3 CBs, 2 safeties). The WRs are in blue. The CBs are in red.

With the only two DL being RayMac and Justin, Lynch runs through a huge hole.

Lynch for 21 yards.

Week 2
SEA sends out 3 WRs (blue) and the 49ers send out the nickel package (red CBs).

With just RayMac and Justin (no Dorsey), there is a nice lane for Lynch.

Lynch 14 yard TD.

So after seeing these runs in week 2, the 49ers had to find an answer for this. Later in the season, the 49ers countered by staying in their base 3-4 whenever SEA sent out 3WRs during short to intermediate yardage downs. (49ers did send out nickel on obvious passing downs versus 3WRs). The result were situations like this.

Week 14: When SEA aligned to make Aldon's side the strongside, Aldon will line up over a slot WR. This causes two problems. If 49ers want to play cover2 and have two deep safeties, then Aldon is now not rushing the passer and must cover. The other problem is the 49ers will bring one of the safeties up to cover, then go with cover1 (one deep safety).

Week 14: When the strongside is on Brooks' side, he must align over the slot WR. This is all done to keep 3 DL on the field for run defense.

2nd & 7
The 49ers end up paying dearly for this adjustment. Staying in their base 3-4, they defend SEA's 3 WRs. Because they bring up Whitner to man cover on a WR, they go with 1 deep safety (Reid). WRs marked by color.
49ers: cover1 man

As the routes develop, the 49ers have the routes defeated and RW on the run. Brown, Brock, and Whitner are on their WRs. Reid is properly positioned in the middle of the field and has identified Whitner's WR as the deep threat.

Reid drifts away from the red WR as the play further unfolds with RW scrambling around. RW is mid windup and the red WR has gotten behind the secondary.

Caught for 51 yards.

The adjustment of staying in base 3-4 versus 3WRs finally bit the 49ers at the worst time. When a play is prolonged in a manner that only RW can do with his elusiveness, big plays are more common. Big plays are easier to defend against using cover2 than cover1. If the 49ers can have confidence stopping SEA's running game when they go 11 personnel (1RB, 1TE, 3WRs), then it will allow the 49ers to always counter with the nickel package and keep 2 deep safeties. One alternative to stay with this 3-4 adjustment is to have a SS/FS that can man cover. Enter JWard who, when developed, should provide the defense with a SS that can come up and provide man coverage like a CB. This will allow the 49ers to stay in base 3-4. This alternative will also rely on Reid to be able to handle the huge responsibilities of a cover1 safety (single high safety).

JR: King, Fro has a mic. My gawd, what's he gonna say?

FP: Okay, okay, we need a break from all this green. In with the wrestling report is my man, Bthepunk!

BP: I am supposed to follow the Roman Reigns of Ninertalk? Fuuuuu.....

Anyways, as for Cena, the fact that it's his 15th title reign in 9 years doesn't mean a whole lot but I think it was important and "best for business" for him to be the champ. Bryan's injury is very unfortunate and his momentum was the biggest I've seen since Cena won his first title. It was also for the best since the plan is apparently for Lesnar to win the title. After ending the streak, there's nobody other than a champion, Cena, for him to go after.

FP: What about dem NINERS?

BP: I see the Niners winning 11-13 games. I think we'll see more 3 and 4 WR sets than the previous three seasons combined. I also think we could have two receivers with 1000 yards. Even bigger though is I'm predicting a sweep of the division and an extension for Harbaugh. Then I'm calling them opening Levi's Stadium as Super Bowl champions.

Thanks Fro, that was fun.

FP: Thank you, sir!

thl408: Shaddup and hit my final music!

Contain Wilson's scrambling

RW's greatest strength is his ability to evade pass rushers to buy himself and his WRs time to get open downfield for chunk pass plays. There is a certain tendency to most of his successful scrambles.

#1 49ers call cover2 pattern match. Aldon will be rushing against the right tackle.

Aldon does a nice job getting a push against the RT. He's actually in perfect position exactly where he currently is, with respect to the depth of RW's dropback.

Aldon pushes further up the field and that's all the room RW needs to get the edge on a scramble right. Aldon would have been better served if he was positioned at the yellow star. RW scrambles right and the pass will be completed to the WR (yellow).

Gain of 17.

3rd & 7
49ers use a line stunt with Brooks and Justin.

Justin takes a wide loop to attack the RT's outside shoulder. This opens up a huge lane for RW to step up into the pocket and step into his throw.

Gain of 22.

Brooks, who is the regular edge rusher versus the RT, will provide examples of staying disciplined with the pass rush when going against RW.

Aldon provides the pressure from the left. Because Brooks stays disciplined with his pass rush and doesn't get too far up the field, he is in a good position to either force RW to scramble backwards (away from line of scrimmage), or scramble left. Here, RW will scramble to his left.

Thrown for an incomplete pass. Running left while throwing is awkward for right handed QBs.

2nd & 3
Base 3-4 playing cover1 man. Brooks going against the RT with the assignment of containing RW in the pocket.

Brooks starts his rush, but is careful not to get too far up the field. Here, RayMac will force RW to step up into the pocket.

RW steps up in the pocket to let RayMac get pushed by, then RW looks to roll right. Brooks has executed his assignment by staying disciplined with his rush. This prevents RW from being able to roll to his right towards, or laterally to, the line of scrimmage. He takes the path of the red arrow.

Hard for any QB to put much confidence into a throw while he's running backwards. Thrown away for an incomplete pass.

2nd & 7
49ers call cover2 pattern match. Brooks again has the assignment of pocket contain.

Brooks gets upfield, but halts his rush at a proper depth that prevents RW from stepping into the pocket, as well as from rolling right. Aldon beats the LT and applies pressure.

RW feels the pressure from Aldon and instinctively steps to his right, where Brooks is there waiting, and watching.

Notice Brooks deliberately hold up his rush to stay in proper position. He doesn't want to rush to RW, he wants RW to come to him. Because of Brooks, RW quickly changes direction to go upfield where Aldon gets the sack from behind.

The 49ers know that RW is at his most dangerous when rolling to his right and will assign Brooks the task of preventing it. Force RW to stay in the pocket and throw over his Oline, or at the least, scramble left. RW isn't a bad pocket passer, but he is a deadly when scrambling to his right because he can throw or run with equal effectiveness. The 49ers know this. They need to be perfect with preventing it throughout the course of an entire game.

thl408: The 49ers have the talent on all sides of the ball to make a Super Bowl run and should be considered one of the contenders coming into the season. The offense needs to play to its strengths, which are power running and intermediate passing off of play action. Rather than focusing on more 3WR sets, or 2TE sets, the emphasis should be on fielding whatever the opposing defense cannot stop. The 49ers have the personnel to do this. The question is whether or not the offensive coaching staff can execute gameplans while simultaneously develop a young QB.

Three newcomers to the secondary are expected to contribute in Bethea, Culliver, and Ward. Some may not be new to the NFL, or the 49ers, but none of them played a single down for the 49ers last season. The defensive line oozes potential that hopes to be realized. Tank, IWilliams, and Lemonier, will all be counted on to provide depth as Justin Smith, the catalyst of the defense, risks losing some pep at age 35. The 49ers have played the most games out of any team the past 3 years. This season, more than years past, it will be vital to get contributions from all the defensive linemen on the team - to help mask any possible weakness in the secondary, and to keep each other fresh heading into the playoffs.

My questions are mainly on the defensive side of the ball, where luckily, they are guided by some of the best defensive coaches in the league. Assuming the coaches get the most out of that defensive roster, the additions on offense, the natural upswing in Kap's development, and the painful manner in which the team has lost the last few seasons, those reasons should motivate and propel the team to its sixth title.

FP: thl, I want to thank you for your efforts! Here's to you, bud!


FP: I want to thank all the folks that contributed over the past couple of weeks to make this happen. Big thanks goes out to you! I do this for fun. I have no agenda. And the only goal was to offer you something different.

What else is there to say other then:

"We are going to win the Super Bowl."

See you guys at the beginning of the season.





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I shall wait
WTFF, did someone finally put up the "No Circle Jerks in the PL" sign? Can't you guys toss each other's salad in your wolve's den while you vote each other new webzone honors? I hear Chaz has been requesting to be an OG member of the Webzone HOF's new champagne room, for extra-cool guys who only talk to each other (and post/critique a55 pics). Marvin and Ghost keep f@cking up your club by talking about football, but you had to throw in a couple football guys into the HOF, to give it some substance. Obviously, they won't be allowed to lick suds off of Chaz in the champagne room. Sus will be in there next year, I hear he's been working hard to grow a vagina, so he can gain admittance under the Ang/Luv exemption.

As for football, I think we might actually sweep the division this year. We're inching closer to beating Seattle in their giant bandwagon, and we don't deserve to win the division if we can't close the deal as the home team in a Thursday game. I was worried about us dropping 1 or 2 to the Cards, then their best player smoked their season and pissed hot. The Rams have a good defensive line and a couple of fast guys who still have to depend on Sam "When my balls grow hair I wanna be Alex Smith" Bradford to throw them the ball. Not scared.
gimme a typical FroTLDR summary please
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
WTFF, did someone finally put up the "No Circle Jerks in the PL" sign? Can't you guys toss each other's salad in your wolve's den while you vote each other new webzone honors? I hear Chaz has been requesting to be an OG member of the Webzone HOF's new champagne room, for extra-cool guys who only talk to each other (and post/critique a55 pics). Marvin and Ghost keep f@cking up your club by talking about football, but you had to throw in a couple football guys into the HOF, to give it some substance. Obviously, they won't be allowed to lick suds off of Chaz in the champagne room. Sus will be in there next year, I hear he's been working hard to grow a vagina, so he can gain admittance under the Ang/Luv exemption.

As for football, I think we might actually sweep the division this year. We're inching closer to beating Seattle in their giant bandwagon, and we don't deserve to win the division if we can't close the deal as the home team in a Thursday game. I was worried about us dropping 1 or 2 to the Cards, then their best player smoked their season and pissed hot. The Rams have a good defensive line and a couple of fast guys who still have to depend on Sam "When my balls grow hair I wanna be Alex Smith" Bradford to throw them the ball. Not scared.

Shots most definitely fired lol
Epic thread, this had me rollin' lol

There's actually some knowledge to his post.

Good stuff,Frosicious.

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