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name a play you want to see us run this year?

Pass to Kaepernick, or handoff to Vernon.
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Ellington throwing an option pass to VD.
in the playoffs, there were a couple outside handoffs that gore took and looked for a split second like he was about to lob it back to Kap on the left side, but he opted out of it. I would LOVE to see this play executed. Preferably with Hunter or James. Outside pitch.. couple steps and then a throw to kap who has like Boldin coming to block. Ahhhhh

Definitely want to see a couple trick plays. I LOVED that fake fieldgoal we did against the Rams(?) a couple years back, when we had Crabtree just chilling on the side and it was an easy touchdown
The "oh! Sherman just got f**ked up!" play.
Originally posted by Paul_Hofer:
The same play I've wanted to see since the 80s: The wrap-around draw.

last time I saw that was in the mid 90's, the packers ran it against the lions with Favre and travis jersey ...been awhile since Ive saw that play
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