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name a play you want to see us run this year?

I'd love to see us run this with LMJ or Hunter or Lattimore
I'll give you three:

1. A slant
2. A screen
3. Any 15 yard completion over the middle.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
5 WR's........all go.............unleash the dragon!

This looks like rex grossman?
That is indeed sexy Rexy, hahaha

Agreed with the posters who mentioned screen passes and consistency over the middle.
A screen play with either LMJ or Hunter
Pass play two from Temco works every time.

I hear the Sprint Right Option has been known to make a highlight reel or two...
Originally posted by jonnydel:

I'd love to see us run this with LMJ or Hunter or Lattimore

Seeing these plays got me thinking about these.

(Sorry for the crudeness of the images; they where ripped out of the Niner WCO playbooks I found of sqribd years ago)
Good ole bingo cross and backs spead
Originally posted by Niners816:


Here's one more. So officially my ONE play consists of five plays

-z spot
-flanker drive
-bingo cross
-backs spread
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
personally, I'd like to see a screen pass to Vance McDonald, get him out in space and allow him to get some YAC

Do they call this play the 'Automatic Dropped Pass'


A Post up the middle from Keap to V. Davis that gives us the final touchdown in the Super Bowl to seal the Victory
The screen, flea-flicker, and most importantly, the Victory formation.

Any play with Gire the single back.Four WR set w Crab, AB, Stevie, Lloyd. VD sprinkled in n out with motion to get mismatches on lb's.Pass or run outta this set.
The same play I've wanted to see since the 80s: The wrap-around draw.
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Similiar plays the aints would run for Sproles using LMJ at least 5-10 times a game.

Basiclly open the damn offense up Roman!!
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