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name a play you want to see us run this year?

"z spot" or "flanker drive" out of any formation. Give me each of them 3 or so times a game.
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Ghost in the post. Love that sh*t. Expression on the other coaches face is priceless.
you know i could really go for a redzone td of any sort

Qb waggle
65 toss power trap!
Any kind of screen game
A slant.
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The old triple indy flee flicker with Jerry Rice throwing a TD pass to John Taylor.
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3 jet all go.

I'd love to see Roman try for a TD on the very first play after a turnover against Seattle. His playcalling looks like he's afraid of them. They play downhill against the Niners and Roman rarely has them playing on their heels.
Kaepernick punt on 1st down.

And the fumblerooski.
Originally posted by thl408:

Spider 3 Y Banana. Throw the Venus

f**k Jon Gruden
WR: Crabs, Boldin,
RB: Hyde, Lattimore, LMJ

Kaep rolls out like he's gonna run, then turns, throws a dart to LMJ on the other side of the field that doesn't cross the plain (so it's a lateral lol) then LMJ throws it to Lattimore who follows Hyde, Boldin and VD who form a shell around him, goes 90 yards and is by himself against one defender, out of nowhere, Kaepernick flies in, throws a FB like block on some huge LB and Lattimore scores, Kaep bounces up and steps over the defender (like AI did over T.Lue in the 76ers-LAL Finals) who is injured and crying on the field and celebrates with Lattimore.

But seriously, I just want some screen passes and formations that incorporate more than one of our RBs and more than 2 of our WRs.
Originally posted by lazy:
3 jet all go.

I'll one up ya, 4 jet all go! lol - actually that was the play for "the catch-2" to TO. Mariucci called "4 jet all go" - just 4 verticals lol - brilliant!!!
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