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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Originally posted by Chico:
Originally posted by lamontb:
So you want to take out Aldon or Brooks and put in a safety to pass rush vs OT? I think I'm reading this wrong.

maybe not all the time but give Aldon a breather and let a little guy wear the Tackle down

If I saw a defense do that...then it's an easy audible run to that side

Good point.
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
We do line up VD out wide on a number of plays. He presents mismatches whether he's inside or outside. He's too fast for linebackers and safeties and then he's a lot bigger than corners. He's a bigger mismatch inside though because he's a lot better at using his speed than he is his size.

As for safeties lining up at pass rusher. Umm I'm sorry it doesn't work that way. if pass rushing was simply about speed and being able to beat the tackles on the edge, you would just have a bunch of track athletes as premiere pass rushers. You need to have a great first step, size/strength, hand technique, and different pass rush moves to be a good pass rusher.

He opens up the field for teammates better when he plays inside.
VD has hands of stone and the weakest metal toughness on the team.. We all know that alot of CB's in the NFL are the biggest trash talkers.... i can just imagine once VerNON drops a pass and the CB talks some s**t to him he will be lost for the entire game.. TRADE this sissy!
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