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If it were that easy, every coach that succeeded a legend and inherited a strong roster would've continued to win. Jon Gruden f'ed up the team Tony Dungy put together. Look at the Redskins after Joe Gibbs retired. The wheels came off in NY for a bit after Parcells left them. Keeping a dynasty going is no small feat.

Gorge was a great defensive coach. But unlike landry, he never could really master the offensive side. When Holmgren and shanahan left and he got trestman, his doom was written.
plus the team did not draft young talent on defense. we got old and slow and then we went to the well one to many times for free agents like rod woodson and kevin greene who did not do much and with woodson , for whatever reason, he was bad for us

Yeah he relied on scheme too much on defense. He thought he could take lesser talent on defense and situation substitute them and have those defenders play higher than where they were athletically. Just like how Walsh would with lesser talent on offense but put them into the WCO, and have them play better than their draft position.

He was never able to draft or acquire a Haley or Fred Dean. And he never really got good at running the WCO without his assistants. I think one reason is he never understood the QB position as well as Holmgren and Shanahan did. Marc Trestman was basically a nobody he hired so he could try to dabble in the offense himself, and unfortunately for us - we found out right quick that George had no talent in running the WCO offense.