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Year 4 with Coach Harbaugh: What are you looking for?

It's been an incredible first three years for the Niners under Coach Harbaugh – the team has been to a Super Bowl, three NFC Championship games, and has an overall record of 41-14-1 (including 5-3 in the playoffs). What are some of the things you're looking for (or hoping for) going into Year 4? Here are some of my thoughts (in no particular order):

-Can the Niners break through to win their 6th SB? (I've been fortunate enough to see all five)

-Can they improve in "situational football", especially in the Red Zone at the end of big games?

-They improved overall in the Red Zone last year – can they continue to improve and put up more TDs instead of FGs?

-Can they start to really limit the number of timeouts they unnecessarily burn due to the playclock winding down, bad challenges, etc.?

-What kind of improvement will occur in Kap's development after being an NFL starter for just a year and a half?

-Will the offense open up a little more considering the upgraded talent in the overall receiving corps and with Kap going into his 2nd full season as a starter?

-Will the back-up QB role be stabilized with someone the team has confidence in?

-Can the team continue having success against the NFC West? (5-1 last year, 8-3-1 overall in Harbaugh's first two years)

-Harbaugh is 4-3 overall vs. Seattle – will he this year improve upon this winning record by winning at home again (undefeated vs. them) and winning again in Seattle?

-Will Harbaugh be extended – if so, for how long?

-(I know Harbaugh leaves the D and ST to those respective coaches – thus, these next two are just out of curiosity since they're such important areas to the team's success); 1) Will we see an improvement in the secondary with the new starters and rookies vs. what Rogers, Brown, and Whitner gave the team? 2) Can the ST coverage units return to their form of 2012 and not give up big plays in big games?

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind. I'd be interested to see what others thought.
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superbowl WIN(s)
Originally posted by calinig4life:
superbowl WIN(s)

With this assembly of players? Yes!
People look at all the things Jim has NOT done.

Ponder for a second about what he has accomplished..

The most winning coach the last 3 years.

More wins in the Playoffs than any other coach.

He took this very young and talented group and turned them into winners. Completely changing the mindset and culture.

Do I think it is his fault for not winning a SB? No I do not.. We lost every year to the eventual champ and there were plenty of situations were the ball just did not bounce our way or we didnt get the call.

He turned AS from a joke to a decent QB.

The list goes on and on..........
No more delay of game penalties. Especially not on 3rd & 1 w/ 3 time outs. Especially in the NFCCG.

FIX IT!!!!
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Originally posted by JimHarbaugh:
More wins in the Playoffs than any other coach.

This is not correct.

Maybe you meant to say most wins in the play offs of any coach for the last three years.
Killer instinct, no more getting up and coasting, crush people.

and I'm sure it WILL be accomplished!
Sow seattle to the winds
Originally posted by buck:
This is not correct.

Maybe you meant to say most wins in the play offs of any coach for the last three years.

I thought that was implied... No shi he doesnt have more than everyone ALL TIME.

Obviously a Lombardi trophy. But I'm looking to see if our offense gets better in the redzone.
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get the calls in on time, fake the run to set up the pass, do not make games tougher to win than they should be
For at least 4 more years....
Niners won't give Harbaugh the contract he wants unless we win the Super Bowl. So this is a HUGE year for the franchise.
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