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Thoughts on why Niners chose to make so many draft picks

i think because we had so many picks, and because there were players that we could use them on...


I think they went with the "lets draft 5 db's and at least one of them will turn out to be an all pro and set us up for the future" then someone else said, yeah and while we're at it...lets take another running back...if we have all the good ones, no one else will be able to run the ball on us.

then someone else said, yep. And you know what, we could cheat the system by drafting star players who get injured and set on a season while they learn the playbook and get fully nursed back to playing health. By next year, they'll technically be rookies, and way a head of the game.

Coach said..."brilliant"

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Because we wanted to waste 20 picks on no name late round practice squad CB's so we could get the next Richard Sherman in the 15'th round of the draft and spend more picks on RB's and LB's because Aldon, Willis, Brooks and Bowman are aging. James, Hunter and Lattimore are busts and Hampton is practice squad trash and Gore is going to die in 2015 so we needed more RB's. Bethea was just a decoy FA pick up and Reid is going to die from concussions so we had to bring in another safety to play nickle in the meantime while Reid is still alive. ACL's are fixed via magic now so Thomas will come in and take wizardry to the next level and who needs Mike Iupati? Crabtree is gone so Johnson was brought in but Boldin is ageless so we didnt need to draft a WR till the 19'th round and Ellington's 3 years of total football experience is exactly what we need alongside Lynch's stellar attitude so things are great.The 2012 draft gave us so many quality long term players on the roster we could afford to fill up positions with already existing depth, such as RB and LB while ignoring the CB position till the 23'rd round of the draft.

I jest. I really like the draft.
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