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Is our Roster better right now than it was a year ago at this time?

Is our Roster better right now than it was a year ago at this time?

I think that overall we are stronger, although I have some concerns at corner.
A much better offense on paper. The offense probably will have to pick up the slack as our D will be below full strength till about mid-season. secondary is a big question mark but right now it looks as it could be better than it was last year. Whitner, Rogers and brown were all expendable.

Right now it seems that the 49ers have improved their roster much more than Seattle. New Orleans is the 3rd team to watch this season in the NFC race.
Of course it has to have L85 thinking he can make the team and also M57 And SK51
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It's a wash, last year it was our receiving corp being the weak link this year it's our corners.
Originally posted by cciowa:
;players mean s**t if you still try to run against 9 man fronts, line staley up wide right, treat first down like its a piece of trick or treat candy to be thrown out for the hell of it thus putting us in third and predictable, not getting plays in on time burning time outs, giving the d a chance to regroup and killing all of our momentum,, running draw plays on third and long, well you get the idea. if the play calling esp in the red zone remains the same as last year i do not think it matters who the players are in my opinion

amen. can i say +10?
CB is the huge question mark. It could work out or it could derail our season.

O Line, RB, WR are probably better than they were.

ILB has injury concerns but Borland I think can fill in real good.

OLB has court cases but we may have added some depth there in the draft late.
lol what kind of question is this? Its pretty obvious this team is better than last year.
i really dont understand the the panic some fans have at cb. sure you'd like to see some pro bowlers at the position, but the reality is in the harbaugh era we've gotten by with average corners. yeah rogers was a pro bowler in 2011 and t-brown was a good but not great player. they dont suck, but you also wouldnt rank them in the top 15 in the league or whatever. the only time i saw our secondary struggle was when we had no pass rush in the 2012 playoffs. i think we'll be fine.
The way I see it, our offense is an obvious upgrade with Crabtree healthy, the addition of Stevie Johnson, and all the draft picks at running back, receiver, and offensive line. Marcus Martin as a rookie should be an upgrade over Goodwin at center.

On defense, Bethea is a better cover safety than Whitner. Ward should be an upgrade over Rogers. And I believe Culliver can be a top corner in this league if he comes back to his normal form. Yes I said it. Add Tank Carradine and Lynch to the mix as pass rushers, and this defense should be even better.

Special Teams will only get better with the addition of guys like Borland and perhaps Shayne Skov who should be monsters on special teams.
Where is BrodieBlue saying we are all doomed because of the horrible draft strategy?
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Offense is clearly better in my opinion.

Defense is probably worse.
Yes, Bethea could be an upgrade. The 15s from Whitner definitely hurt.
Our D-line is a year older. I'm hoping for a bounce back year from J. Smith now that he's had a full year to redevelop his strength, but am not holding my breath.
Questions about Aldon Smith and not having Bowman for half of the season are big concerns.
Also, is Culliver completely recovered and how will he do as a starter?
Its different... Our safty situation isnt a situation at all... but out CB is something to be proven.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Offense is better but the defense is not IMO.

Agreed. I feel we'll score more TDs this year but the D will alos give up more pts in the 1st half of the season until fully healthy and Aldon is playing (if that even comes together).

Sorry a little off topic, but related...I believe by the Thanksgiving game against Seattle, we SHOULD be running on all cylinders and ready for a deep playoff run. IMO the real playoffs will start that Thursday night. I honestly believe it'll be a 3-team race for the West in 2014 with SF-SEA-AZ. Whoever wins tiebreakers and is 11-5 or 12-4 is going to take it. For some reason, I feel like the Saints and Packers will get the BYEs on paper, but who knows! That's why they play the games!
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Originally posted by Wisconsin49erfan:
My breakdown is as follows:

QB: Slight upgrade. Last year was a sophomore slump for Kaepernick, in combination with a lack of real targets in the WR corps. I expect big things from Kaepernick this year.

RB: Slight upgrade. I question whether Gore will be as effective, but I have to think that either Lattimore or Hyde will step in as a solid #2 that will have a significant impact in our running attack.

WR: Significant upgrade. Crabtree, Boldin and Johnson are healthy. Last year we were wondering if AJ Jenkins would be starting alongside Boldin. We have a very solid (while not spectacular) top 3 WR's. After seeing what happened last year, I'm ok with that. I do wish we were in the "major upgrade" category by drafting a stud speed WR in the draft, but, I do understand that the price was too high, and it's certainly not the end of the world that we didn't especially considering that any WR drafted would have likely had only a minor impact on game day anyway.

TE: Slight upgrade. Vernon Davis will be the same. Vance McDonald will be in year two. He struggled a little adjusting to the passing game, but I expect him to improve as he gets more comfortable in our system.

Offensive line: Likely slight upgrade. I am very excited with the opportunity to improve our C position. That said, at one time Goodwin was pro-bowl player. Also, he was the captain of our offensive line and was responsible for making the play-calls at the line. I am a little concerned with the prospect of a rookie center being in charge of our o-line at CLink, although in the big scheme of things this is really a very minor concern. That said, Goodwin was clearly declining, and I think we can upgrade him. Also, we have added some significant depth this year. Snyder is all but gone, and the prospect of a short-term injury or two is hardly terrifying considering our depth.

Defensive line: Same. Justin Smith is the heart and soul of our offensive line. While he is not the same player he was in 2012, he is still pretty damn good. Still, you have to expect a little more decline from the Cowboy. We will likely more than make up for that with the addition of Carradine, the return of Williams, and a healthy Ray McDonald. Possible improvements, but possibly the same.

Linebacker: Slight downgrade. Even the prospect of losing Aldon and Bow for some time does not cause me great concern. Our lineman are so strong that it frees up our linebackers to make plays, and we still have playmakers on our linebacker squad. We still have Willis and Brooks. Lemonier has flashed at times, and Borland may be a great addition. Even if Lemonier and Borland don't produce, Wilhoite and Skuta have both shown that they are more than able to "hold down the fort" until the stars return. It is undisputed that Aldon and Bow are two of the top 10 linebackers in the game, so, of course anybody else would be a downgrade.

Defensive backfield: Same. I am excited about Ward. However, we did lose Brown and Rogers, who were very solid players. I do take comfort in the fact that our front 7 takes a lot of pressure off the secondary. We have the potential to improve here, but it's way too early to tell.

Special teams: Same. Great kicker and punter. Coverage units are unknown as it's way too early in the season to know for sure (although, I think that after 2012 it will remain a focus). We have the possibility of an improvement in the KR/PR game, but there is nobody yet proven.

Depth: Significant improvement. We have never had a deeper team in the Harbaugh era. I expect many of the players we release will end up on other rosters.

Agreed with you Analysis of the team.
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Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by Niners816:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
QB - Same
RB - Stronger
OL - Same
WR - Much Stronger
DL - Same
LB - Weaker to begin with until Aldon and Bowman return
DB - Weaker to begin with until the new blood is integrated. Should finish stronger.

I tend to agree with this breakdown. My hopes are though with another year under his belt QB will be stronger and with the infusion of a more athletic C the OL will play at a higher level.
i am a little at odds with bullet point 6 and our linebackers,,,, now please do not misunderstand me because you just do not replace a pro bowler like bowman(and aldon to depending on what happens) but i really really think we will be ok with our depth there. i really think michael w/dan skuta can start for most teams in the nfl and i really think that the linebacking by committee will help bridge that gap till bowman returns,, and we still got brooks and willis which is not bad!! same thing for the lemon man with aldon. whatever we get from the rookies is just gravy.. now maybe that is unreal optimism but thats how i see the backer thing

I have faith that whoever steps up and takes control of the temporary slots will hold down the fort just fine, but we won't be our All-World selves for a while at LB.
agree.. we will not be all world but will still be better than 99.98ths of the teams in the nfl in that position!
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