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Crabb and Iupati

With the Steve Johnson trade, and the drafting of another WR and two OL, could this be a sign of the END for both Crabtree and Iupati??

Would it be wise to trade Crabb now to a team like Cleveland who needs a big time WR w/the suspension of their young wideout??

As for Iupati, we drafted two OL as well as having the insurance in Martin and Loomey, why not trade him to a team that needs them OL so badly in Pittsburgh.
As far as trading Crabtree goes.... f**k NO.

Why would we trade Crabs right now when were going all out for #6 this year? I get you want to get some value before he walks free agency, but it's still possible he resigns. And a potential Superbowl win this year is way more valuable than what we could get in a trade for Crabs.
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I think the SJ trade does relieve the 49ers of having to retain Crabs "at any price". It is not wise to trade Crabs now. Not only does it take Kap's #1 WR away from him, it sends a bad message to the team. This team is about to contend in 14-15. Trading away Crabs sends a horrible message to the other vets like Gore/Justin/Willis. They want all the help they can get now to win a ring. They don't care about future considerations.

If Crabs balls out, awesome, he'll sign a fat contract elsewhere and the 49ers get a comp pick. If he has a so so season, awesome, he may be retained at a reasonable price.

Iupati is a playing his last season in a 49er uniform imo. The writing is on the wall with the selection of BThomas.
Trade Crabtree, lol. Lock this s**t up.
Agree that trading crabs now when we are just so close is a bad idea. THl summed it up pretty well re: Crabs. And his payroll history says he goes big $$ and goes elsewhere. As for Iupati, hate to see him go, but that is what B Thomas signing means. Also, Iupati has not been great in pass pro, and kap would be glad for more help there. I really liked both signings. Note, not help next yr, but this yr re: B. Thomas, who I think gets some PT.
Short memory. We've been decimated by injuries at Wr the past 3 years.
I don't see a trade coming, but it's time to embrace the idea that this is likely the last season that you will be watching them in SF gear.

Let's hope we can send them on their way with a SB ring!
Hopper, maybe so, but we haven't used our TEs when we were short on WRs. Nor did we use Hunter, FRank or LMJ out of the backfield in those situations either. Good bad or indifferent, we could have put humpty dumbrowski and Fumble fingers out as WRs and worked TEs and RBs. JH and roman didn't.
we knew in 2012 that was gonna be goldsons last year, during last season we suspected that would be whitners last season and we didnt trade either of them. iupati is essentially all but gone but we're still going to use that last year of him. you get a good player plus the eventual replacements get some grooming.
Yeah ahuh trade Crabtree right now that we are once again making another SB run, MAN I AM GLAD U AINT OUR GM.

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You can't be serious.
No, no way, no how should we trade Crabs.

We are a MUCH better team w/him than w/out him. Our chances of getting the SBowl are increased exponentially with him playing.

I accept he'll be gone for the $$Greener pastures. That will give our new WR time to learn and develop. It will also give Steve Johnson more time to be productive.

Opposing defenses will have to be prepared for 3 quality receivers and not 2.
We're not going to trade either of them, and we're not going to sign either of them. We're going to let them sign a nice big contract, and then get some nice comp picks for them, and then use those comp picks to steal more players like Stevie Johnson and Brandon Thomas (who will be replacing them).
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Trade him! Pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick and get a new WR next year. He's going to demand Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald $$ and he's NOT worth it!
New stadium, stacked roster, no trades like that. Go for it all. Iupati is a goner, we can't afford him. Someone will make him a top paid guard. We also drafted the big kid Thomas with a relatively high pick which makes it obvious.

Crabs is probably gone. Again, I think another team will come out and shell out bigger money than we can/will for him.. oh well, lets not worry about that yet. Its all about #6 THIS YEAR.
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