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Which rookie will have the biggest impact on the team this year?

I think it will be Ellington as a returner.
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Martin will start all 16
Possibly Borland
Marcus Martin.
Ward on defense. His playmaking ability is outstanding. Hyde on offense. On short yardage, I expect his number to be called a lot.
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Originally posted by Nuns:
Martin will start all 16

I want this to be true because that means he beat out Kilgore for the job, but I think it will be Jimmy Ward. This should have been a poll.
Easiest prediction is Ward or Martin and either would be great. Biggest surprise and the most impact would be if it's Lynch as an awesome pass rusher.
its jimmie ward. that nickle db spot has been exploited with rogers in there.

Jimmy ward- 3 interceptions 10 pass break ups 45 tackles out of the slot
Carlos Hyde- short yardage situational runner 200 yards 4 TD
Martin- fills in for injury never gives starting role up from there
Borland- 40 tackles 3 forced fumbles 2 sacks 1 int until Bowman returns
lynch- 6 sacks on the year 2 forced fumbles
Ellington- 1 kickoff return for TD 350 receiving yards 2 TD

Just some pretty fair expectations
I'm thinking Marcus Martin...of course, that's based on him beating out Kilgore for the starting C position. Just very impressed with him as a football player and person.
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:

Ward better have the biggest impact or we're never going to get back into the Superbowl dance.
Jimmy Ward.
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