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Who will be the 49ers best Wide Receiver next year?

Who will be the 49ers best Wide Receiver next year?

My money's on Stevie Johnson "Why so serious?"

You shooting for the most threads created award?
Originally posted by jreff22:
You shooting for the most threads created award?

I guess so. This one is a good one though.
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What does this mean? Is there a thread that is taking this poll?

I want to know who the thread thinks will be the best receiver on the team next year.

Funny, hard to argue against old man Boldin.
Stevie Johnson had 3 straight 1,000 yard season's with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball, Andre Reed never did that and he had Jim Kelly.

Their stats are similar, but Johnson has better stats, more importantly as the #1 guy facing double teams on a sorry team.

Crabtree's best year in 2012, he had Moss and Vernon Davis taking away a lot of the pressure and Mario Manningham as a solid #3. He also had Delanie Walker drawing attention.

I just see Stevie Johnson tearing it up, not facing as many double teams if at all and matching up with the #2, #3 DB as opposed to the #1
It's just so exciting the prospect of not having any of our premier targets double covered.

This is partly why 2012 offense was pretty good with an early Kaepernick....

I think the differences between the four vet WRs is like this:

Crabtree - great hands, very good route runner, very good RAC ability, decent deep threat
Boldin - amazing hands, very good route runner, ok RAC ability, jump ball threat
Johnson - decent hands, great route runner, good RAC ability, good deep threat
Lloyd - best 1 hand receiver in the game, very good route runner, good RAC ability, best boundary WR ever to play for SF

This is very exciting stuff. I think Crabs benefits a lot for his time in the system and CK, along with having a lot of great all around ability -- so I still think he's the top WR on the 49ers. These same guys on a different team could be different.

A lot of nitpciking with regards to "hands" with all of these guys except Stevie. But Stevie has given the top CBs in the game more trouble than anybody we have.
Boldin catches everything.
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Crabs. He'll get the most targets.

Crabtree is the #1. He'll consistently get open. Boldin making tough third down catches and VD and stevie working it deep.

Omfg this season is going to be epic. I can just feel it.
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Whoever Kaepernick throws to the most.

I don't give a f**k, as long as they win games.
as long as he stays healthy, crabtree. kap loves to throw his way and with a full season he should put up around 1200 yards.
Easily Crabtree, he's playing for a contract and Kap will help him get it......though maybe not with us
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