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Trey Millard Is A Niner!

He gonna fill a delanie walker type of role?
Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
This selection capped off another terrific draft. Millard gets a year to study and learn the H-back position and is much further along as pass catching FB than Delanie Walker was as a WR coming out. Millard won't be counted on as the #2 TE, like Walker was which will help assimilate him to the offense.

He will be a better blocker than Vance McDonald at the beginning and a better pass catcher than Bruce Miller was when he started. Great pic for our offense as a replacement for Garrett Celek as the 3rd TE/FB and probably on special teams. I think he got hurt early in the season, so he may be ready by training camp.
Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:
How about we run a split pro set with millard frank vern bold crabs + stevie. Get everything nice and wide then pop it to trey up the middle for four.

Why do they say he won't play next year? Was the surgery bad?

He'll play in 2015, not this season. He won't be ready by training camp, I think they'll activate him off of PUP for few weeks to get some practices in....and then IR him for the rest of the season. This year there's just too much depth, by next season(2015), Gore, Hunter and James could all be gone potentially.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
That's 6 skill guys. Either Kap sits, or we only have 4 OL in this scenario...

What makes you think I can count?
I liked the pick, especially in the 7th rd. Swiss Army Knife, somebody referred to him as one. One guy to keep your eye on is Derek Carrier...reportedly Harbaugh and Baalke love his athleticism...similar comments as to his overal skillset as Millard.
Just comparing highlight packages, he looks like a better runner than Hyde. If Lattimore can come back close to his old form, that could be a scary 3-headed monster down the line