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Stevie Johnson Thread

BOOM game changer...Stevie Johnson vs. Richard Sherman last year:

looks like a great move!
Reportedly the Patriots were offering a 3rd rounder straight up and the Bills were like "nah cuz."
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When he's healthy, he's a weapon. Nice one Baalke.
Originally posted by Allx9er:

They picked up Mike Williams and traded Watkins so it makes sense. Johnson had 3 straight 1,000 yard seasons, prior to only playing 12 games last season. Those seasons were with Fitzpatrick at QB. Like the pick up.
Great move!!!

We officially have a competition for the 3rd and 4rth WR spots.

I can see us picking another DB and possibly a Center/Guard in the second if we don't trade up or back.
Is the 6+ mil cap hit for the next 2 years going to sit well? Admittedly I am not up on our cap numbers right now.
Originally posted by GoNiners:
I guess we won't be drafting a WR now. That's ok now we can keep bolstering up that defense

They way our WR's get hurt we better draft one, and a good one. I would still take one in the 2nd.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Originally posted by Allx9er:


Originally posted by GoldenJoe:
We will get that pick back but trading one away this year hahahah

He is entering year three of a five-year, $37 million contract
I love this move! Hello deep threat, good bye need to trade up & draft a rookie, good bye worries at the WR position. At the same time, I think this looks like the Niners are preparing for life w/o Crabtree next year