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Stevie Johnson Thread

We will get that pick back but trading one away this year hahahah
Making moves Baalke! Making moves
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Holy s**t.

What pick did the 49ers trade???

2015 4th, could become a 3rd
ok i can dig it
Welcome Home

Born Jul 22, 1986 in San Francisco, CA (Age: 27)

I like the pick up. He was a playmaker, just gotta get him to come to the interviews dressed, throw a shirt over that wife beater haha.
Welcome back home Stevie Johson!

Would love this move if it goes through
[ Edited by qnnhan7 on May 9, 2014 at 12:12 PM ]
When he was healthy and they had decent quarterbacking, he was over 1000 yards for three years running. One of those seasons, he had 10 TD's. Great addition.
For a 4th, possibly 3rd next year?!

Can't really get much better than that.
<insert ace Ventura happy dance>!!!!!
Originally posted by gold49digger:
WOW maybe we arent looking at a wr this year.

But this was the same guy that dropped that potential game winner against pittsburg and blamed god...

We will still draft one - but now we don't have to draft one in the 2nd round. No need to force anything tonight...and continue adding talent to other spots. There are so many good WRs in this years draft. Also, we now can go after a guy who is raw but with more potential rather than lookin' for someone who can contribute this upcoming season.

This is a great trade!
I expect one trade down today to regain that pick for next year.
I havent seen this on the front site. Is this real? If sooooooooo

f**k YEAH