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49ers select Jimmie Ward, DB, Northern Illinois, 30th Pick

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I like the pick !
Did not view S as a pressing need to take one in the 1st. but Jimmy Ward is special. If he puts on 10 lbs of muscle he is gonna be a monster.

Dudes face Look like Mike vick
Wow surprised on how many people like the pick. I thought I would be the only one.

We needed a db and we got one!

Go niners!
Originally posted by fropwns:
We'll be aight, kids.

yes we will. have 5 picks here coming up in rd 2 & 3
Brock, Culliver, Ward....I like it
Got to see him play only once, versus Purdue (my favorite college), had 9 tackles, 1 INT returned 62 yards for a TD. Came away very impressed.
Baalke has a great track record for drafting defensive players so ward should be
Originally posted by bors:
Originally posted by Mertonschickendance:
Does he have long arms?

He got dat long shlong......

That'll be good for knocking passes out of the air.

Go to war with what you got...

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Originally posted by Quest4six:
Originally posted by ads_2006:

lol he is wearing a 9ers hat in one of the pics

stoked to have him! funny to see him in a 9er hat. Wonder if that means Herron is gonna be a 9er as well.
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Gotta think long term, which a lot of fans forget every year. I personally would have went for Roby , but ward is a solid pick. Now goget Desir and Adams in the second.
Yeah, I think this guy could have been had at #60.

Why not take big name corner from ohio state, then if we really wanted ward we could bundle a couple of picks or next years, and move up in the 2nd to get him.

I think we got screwed when dennard and Verret went back to back.

I like some hits I see but I am not sure that game will translate to the NFL.

He knew where he was goin...
LOL @ those who are saying this was a reach.
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