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49ers select Jimmie Ward, DB, Northern Illinois, 30th Pick

There must be a lot of confidence in Cully and Brock starting!

Hey if Donnatell is okay with it, so am I.
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This dude is baby Earl Thomas, everybody was going after WRs and CBs, 49ers sent smokescreens out, I think this is the guy they always wanted. Did anybody really think Antoine Bethea was gonna be complete insurance (when he's two years from retirement at best)?

Very happy with this pick, this is guy who can not only make some damage, but he's instinctual, and would rather take risks in coverage than go for the 'big' hit. This is actually something 49ers fans have complained about for the past five years at that position.

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lol he is wearing a 9ers hat in one of the pics
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Dude just tweeted an emoji of money and a thumbs up

link?]jimmie ward tweet[/url]
Aint gonna lie, I was pissed at first. The more I see of this guy the better I feel about this.
my draft crush all offseason!!
Well if BuzzB likes it maybe its ok.

April 19th
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a pick at #30 of a guy who was expected to go later who wont be a starter year one and wasnt at the draft

does not sound familiar at all

Also from a school in Illinois.


LOL edit, double D beat me to the pic.
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Jimmie ward ‏@ward_jimmie May 6 I wish my high school coach would of made an effort putting my high school highlight would of been better than my college ones

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