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Best 49ers RB of all-time?

Best 49ers RB of all-time?

Originally posted by Existence:
Hugh McElhenny, HOF.

Who?, must be before my time.
Where the f*ck is Terry Kirby you racists?
Gore, not even close
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Originally posted by 5280High:
Where the f*ck is Terry Kirby you racists?

i remember how happy we were when we picked him up though he and the late reggie roby helped to fill a couple of needs
Maurice Hicks
Originally posted by CityKing415:
Maurice Hicks

"Runs to 20 yard line, jumps, gets tackled"

The science of Maurice Hicks' Kick Returns. lol
Loved Roger, but that fumble against the Giants.....smh.
Ricky Watters was good but it doesn't seem like he was around that long.
Hearst was great and loved his heart but those injuries held him back so much.
Frank has been a rock and should be appreciated for what he has done and not what he hasn't.
I'm not old enough to have a read on the old greats who played before I knew football existed.

I guess if I had to take just one I'd go with Frank but in all honesty a healthy Hearst is my #2.
Hearst was awesome for the time. Comeback player of the year, and I fully expected for us to have won the superbowl had he not broken his ankle against the falcons.

But Gore has been the heart and soul of this team to a point no other RB has reached, Craig had Montana, Hearst had Young, Gore had a rookie and a different coordinator for 7 years straight with minimal WRs to speak of or O-line for that matter for a few of those years.

The only downside with Gore is that the team finally can support him but he is on the downhill part of his career. Still great, but a younger Gore would have been the sparkplug needed to finish the season with a big win....
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little love for charlie garner please. lotta love for vic washington . but in regards to the question,, it really has to be gore
You can't have a thread for best of all time with only two're forgetting Joe Perry, Garrison Hearst. JP had the best per carry avg. from any full-time RB at 5.2 and is the 2nd leading rusher in Niner history. Hearst had a 4.7 yd avg, 3 of his 5 seasons were over 1000 yds, and a 4th 972 yds.

Adam Walker or Lawrence Phillips?
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Craig was great and was a better pass catcher, but Gore has been the niners workhorse for years now especially during the Dark years. Even with barely a passing game, Gore still had huge rushing yards. He is really deserving of a Superbowl ring, he's done so much for this Niner team. Let's get it done this season.
Definitely Gire! He's the best, garrison and Craig were awesome no doubt,

But Gire is the best we've had
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Joe Perry. Not even close.
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