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49ers DEAD LAST in NFL in Receptions by Tail Backs (by a wide margin)

Lol wasn't gore our leading receiver for a couple years? That didn't turn out so good, but i can see the OP point, we should run a couple screens
This is what many of us were saying. Roman doesnt know how to utilize the RBs in the screen/passing game. It is a great way to get yardage and loosen up the D for our receivers. It is a reason we struggle sometimes on offense, and the reason I think Roman is really overrated.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
This is a product of the offensive system. We've been dead last in RB receptions the last 3 years.

33 in 2011
40 in 2012
23 in 2013

This offense does not involve the RBs in the passing game for some odd reason.

Well thats the discussion. Is that benefi,ial?
I agree that the RBs could get more targets, especially on 1st downs to set up 2nd and 5. That would really open up 2nd down playaction. However, if your RB has 70 receptions like the Walsh days, your offense has a problem. The game has changed, specifically the LB position. Unless you have McCoy, Charles, or some shifty RB, the LBs nowadays will severely limit RAC yards. Yes I know there's LMJ, and I am part of the club that wants to see him get a few more touches on swing passes.
What the hell? I didn't type that. ^^^

Lol I typed posted something completely different.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
When you have a guy who does one read, stares at Crabtree and never looks for a checkdown that is bound to happen.

truth x's 1000
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hey wtf
Wtf is going on? I didn't post the content above.
Aprils fools test
Lol Aprils fool joke by WZ
It's funny becuase you guys would hate on Alex for checking down too much now you're hating on Kaepernick for not checking down enough. Lol
I didn't type that ^^ What's going on.
Originally posted by Garcia2Owens:
I didn't type that ^^ What's going on.

Dude, why would you write that?
It's no secret we have to figure out how to distribute the ball around better. We are getting almost no production from our 3rd, 4th, and 5th receivers along with being last in the league in receptions to runningbacks, I am not at all surprised to see this statistic. It's like any other sport, the good teams share the ball, having that threat on the field that we will throw the ball to anyone on the field at anytime will only make us better.