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Do You Agree with NFL Network- Frank Gore #10 all time great 49ers?

Do You Agree with NFL Network- Frank Gore #10 all time great 49ers?

No. A great player on a team that wins a championship will always stand out compared to a productive player on bad teams.
Ty F. Gore for playing when nobody else would
I remember during the dark ages (Nolan and Singletary) he played every game as if it was a Super Bowl.
I remember reading an article that once that one Sunday he came out to the candlestick parking lot and saw his fellow team mates laughing and jesting around like loosing that days game wasn't that big of a deal. Like losing was just normal.
I am most proud of my 21 F. Gore Jersey bc he played when no body else would.

Frank 'THE TANK' Gore
Any Niner top-10 list that doesn't include Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson, one of the best man-to-man corners in NFL history, just isn't a legitimate list. The guy played both ways. He'd lock up on the other team's best receiver for the entire game and sometimes stay in to play receiver on offense. Come on.
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Any niner list that doesnt include Terrell Owens, Leo Nomellini is off imho, look how T.O dominated in his time as a niner.
Gore deserves to be on the list.
Gore deserves to be on the list more than many IMHO. This guy produced when there wasn't an All Pro supporting cast. He played for years as the single most important part of the offense. Teams tried to focus on stopping him and couldn't do it. He has been the most consistent player on the field for a very long time and is still productive today.

He has been the feature guy for longer than I can remember any other, including number 33. I loved the role that Craig filled, but he was not asked to be the back that Gore is. He never had a Montana, Rice, Clark, Jones, Taylor and Rathman together on the field with him but he still could explode for 150.
The problem with lists is that it needs to appeal to those who are creating it/reading it in that era. Living through an era an understanding the level of QB play that Montana and Young competed against you get a better sense of just how good he was. Stats are a baseline, but certainly don't win any arguments for me simply because the today's rules have been altered so much that it's clear the league prefers an exciting pass-oriented game. IMHO, coaches were better not only because they stayed with teams longer, but essentially you had to win with YOUR guys for the most part. Sure there was Plan B free agency but it was nothing like what many of you know today.

I can't honestly compare Gore to "The Million Dollar Backfield" because I simply haven't had a chance to understand fully their context in history. IMHO, what Craig did - and remember his original position was FB, not RB - was record breaking for his position and I think more influential overall because of what he was asked to do.

I have the same problem when we have the old is Montana better than Brady or Manning or Brees discussion. I can only judge by what I remember Montana (or Young) in the context of their competition. It wasn't just that they generated huge stats, it was against the competition of their day - in a smaller, more competitive league with much better QB play top to bottom. Even back in the day, the "great" 49ers could be beat by Bobby Hebert or Stan Humphries or Steve Everett or Chris Chandlier - names that NFL lore doesn't necessarily highlight... and those were the "bad to mediocre" QBs. Comparatively we would laugh at the prospect of the 49ers being beat by Cutler, Romo, Stafford, Dalton, Bradford, Ponder or Tannehill.
Yes i'd say Gore will assume top 10 all time Niners status once he retires.
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