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Chris culliver arrested

He turned a bad situation into a horrible situation. Stupid, Chris, just stupid.
he is not with that sweet stuff, or that hit someone and see if they're ok before leaving stuff
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Cut his ass 2 strikes and you're out, don't need South Carolina trash in the bay.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
I'm sorry but Cully has to go. Too many bad things about this incident.

- Hits bicyclist
- Flees the scene
- Threatens the eye-witness who corners him
- Hits the eye-witness' car
- Illegal weapons possession

That's just the first layer. Who knows what else there is.

Yup. If he was drunk or high that adds yet another layer.

Maybe he was getting blown by a dude and wasn't paying attention to the road. That would be a major plot twist.
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Originally posted by crabman82:
he is not with that sweet stuff, or that hit someone and see if they're ok before leaving stuff

Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by TJA85:
Guess it's safe to say the staff will be taking a CB in the 1st round.

Wouldn't surprise me if we drafted 3 of them.

Why stop there? Make it 6 and make sure their driving record is clean.
Should have signed Revis...
Wow, I'm really disappointed to hear this. I honestly think he will end up getting cut because of this.

I bet we take at least 2 corners in the draft, probably both within those first 100 picks.
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Jeff Deeney ‏@PFF_Jeff

PFF Top 5 Free Agent CBs available: 1) C. Bailey 2) C. Rogers 3) J. Greer 4) J. Wilson 5) D. Patterson #49ers
Well Cully sure felon to a bad situation today.

Did you hear what happened when Cully ran next to the swimming pool? He felon.

k I'm done now lul

Ah maybe he can get away with hitting the car since they tried to block him in and the fact he kind of is a celebrity
Revis, Thurmond, DRC.. we passed on a ton of talent at the position and were really banking on Culliver to come back strong.
I am done with this dude. Cut his dumbass, all he did was take a bad situation and made it infinitely worse. If he hit someone, stop and pullover, call the police, even if youve been drinking thats a far better and decent thing for him to do, he is going to get absolutely hammered for this
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Should have signed Revis...

Didn't have the money regardless, but I think in hindsight we would have been more aggressive in FA. We were likely counting on Cully to start. This f**ks up our plans to a degree.
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Damn it i had high hopes for him and Brock this season as our starting corners i don't know what the Niners plan on doing but my guess is he is either cut or suspend for half a season or something along those lines DAMN IT !!!!!!!!!!
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