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Gore The Cap?

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even if gire
I think that ONE person actually read my post and gave me a reasonable answer. Again, PEASE read the whole post! I NEVER said or suggested that Gore take a pay cut. I was asking IF his contract could be reworked to pay him the whole six million, BUT ease the cap number too.
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for the beating he gets every season, 6 mils is nothing. im surprised he has lasted and produced so much, season after season... when we gonna start throwing more??
Egad these Gore bashing threads proliferate like cockroaches.
Originally posted by susweel:
You don't disrespect Gore by asking him for a pay cut. It's probably his last year with us let the man keep his money and go out gracefully, he's done a lot for this team.

/ thread.
We already Rogers'd the cap. We're good.
This has been talked about for months now in various threads.
Originally posted by stevenking57:
I didn't say that Gore should take a pay cut. I said to restructure his contract to spread the 6 mil out to the next six years. They could guarantee the money. Gore gets his money, ALL of it, but cap space is created to resign players next year.

Problem is if Gore retires we have dead money in cap space for the future. The 49ers have the cap space they need to resign the players they want to resign. If they need more they will do what they need to do to create more cap space.
Not this again... SMH. Frank at 6 mill is a more than fair market deal, if he has another season like he did last year. If we can get the passing game going consistently I wouldn't be surprised if Frank does not have 1,500 and 10 season. He is our best at hitting holes, converting 1st downs, and pass blocking. Which means you can keep him on the field for three downs and keep the defense honest. Hence the reason when we bring LMJ in, the play is either sniffed out, or there is a minimal gain on the play.

On the financial side, we pay Frank 6 mill this year and the next year or two Frank takes a team friendly deal backing up Latti. In conclusion it could free up to anywhere from 3.5-5 mill on the books with no dead money. Chill out brah... Baakle got dis.
Umm Gore's been our best player for the last 10 years and stayed pretty dam health during that time.

To be honest were ripping him off he's worth so much more. He's a special running back, and the heart of the team. We don't need him to take a cut, but if he had too he would, he wants to keep winning, and end his career as a niner. I also think he will get a cap friendly deal for 2 more years if he wants to keep going, he hasn't shown that he's a 30 running back.

O and when kap f**ks up we need frank in the back field to pick up kaps mistake and run for a TD.

Pay the man his money!

is it me or does nobody understand the friggin point? He said restructure, not pay cut. He's simply asking why can't we divide it over a couple years, so gore still gets his money, and we don't get hit 6mil all at once.
Originally posted by matt49er:
I don't want Frank Gore to take a pay cut. I don't think I've ever thought that way in my life about a player but I want FG to get his money. I don't want to believe it in my heart but my mind says this is Gore's last season with us. Personally, I hope one of two things happen, he gets a 1 year extension which justifies a small pay cut this year but gets Frank more $ in the end so that he has the chance to possibly play in a SB in SF or he plays out his contract, retires a 49er and teams with Rathman to coach our RBs.

I love Frank, and while this is a good idea in principal, would anyone be able to understand what he says?

JK. If we dont need the money, and it appears we dont, why upset one of our most productive guys? All the talk about bringing in a DJax or other high priced FA isnt going to happen. Trent knows what he is doing, we'll have plenty of cash June 1 for Kaep, enough after this season for Crabs and Mike. Let Trent and AB worry about the cap.
Originally posted by frozen49er:
I love Frank, and while this is a good idea in principal, would anyone be able to understand what he says?

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One of the best qualities of our front office is to treat contracts to their intent - a binding agreement.

In the last few years, outside of transactional cuts during the pre-sesaon, the biggest player we've released is Carlos Rogers - due to his age and performance vs. pay.

Everyone else that might have been a bubble cut, we've been able to restructure and allow them to compete for a roster spot (McCoy last year, Baldwin and Dahl this year).
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