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Gore The Cap?

Sorry if this has been answered, but.... Why has there been no talk out of Ninerland about restructuring Gore $6 million cap hit? They said that Gore's contract would not be restructured. I realize that they are showing loyalty to him for all his past contributions to the team, but....couldn't they give him a new contract spanning six years into the future that guarantees him the money, but allows the niners to spread the money over a longer period of time to help the cap situation? Wouldn't this be a win-win for everybody? Six million of cap space from Gore and another six million from Rodgers(6/1/14) would go along way to resigning Kap. Iupati, and Crabs.

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You don't disrespect Gore by asking him for a pay cut. It's probably his last year with us let the man keep his money and go out gracefully, he's done a lot for this team.
I think if anyone has the heart to take a pay cut for the sake of the team, it's good ol' Franky!
Baalke basically said we didn't need to restructure his contract months ago...i.e. all contracts have been done and dealt with. This is why Baalke also said they hope to have CK's contract done very soon...b/c 1) We will have the money on June 1st and 2) B/c it's probably already been worked out in principal.

Baalke, the man with the plan in San Fran. ~ Peter King
this is Gore's last year. We all expect him to retire after this season. thats why
I'm guessing this is unethical, but just throwing a hypothetical out there: Gore takes a big pay cut down to $1.5M for one year and then retires after the 2014 season. After he is retired, someone with ties to the team (but for argument's sake is not a 49ers employee or owner) hires Gore as a consultant for $4.5M for one year doing part time work. I'm sure this won't happen, but just wondering if this has ever happened.
I didn't say that Gore should take a pay cut. I said to restructure his contract to spread the 6 mil out to the next six years. They could guarantee the money. Gore gets his money, ALL of it, but cap space is created to resign players next year.
Why does Frank always get picked on in these threads? Why don't we have a Justin Smith take a pay cut thread? Or Vern? Or Willis? It's always Frank Frank Frank.

I'm not sure how the OP can ask with a straight face if there have been no other threads on this topic, unless he just walked out of a bomb shelter he's been in since 2011. Sheesh.

Baalke has already said frank doesn't have to take a cut. However if Franky doesn't have a problem with a reworking of his contract then cool
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
this is Gore's last year. We all expect him to retire after this season. thats why

Uh, no.

As for the original question, your solution would create dead money on the cap in future years. They don't feel they are in a position where then needs to sacrifice space in future years. They can pay him his 6 this year and be done with it.

If they NEEDED the space, then they could do that....but that's not the position they are in.

Next year they will either resign him to a much smaller contract or more likely let him walk away and his $$$ will be off the books entirely.

If it were necessary, Frank would be the first to volunteer.
I don't want Frank Gore to take a pay cut. I don't think I've ever thought that way in my life about a player but I want FG to get his money. I don't want to believe it in my heart but my mind says this is Gore's last season with us. Personally, I hope one of two things happen, he gets a 1 year extension which justifies a small pay cut this year but gets Frank more $ in the end so that he has the chance to possibly play in a SB in SF or he plays out his contract, retires a 49er and teams with Rathman to coach our RBs.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
If it were necessary, Frank would be the first to volunteer.

Gore still plays at a high level and should get every penny of that 6mil.
As a power running team that was top 5 in rushing attempts in each of the past 3 seasons, we really don't pay a lot to our stable of RB's. The team is right around the middle of the pack in how much cap space is used at the position yet will be called upon again this season to take a large load of the offense. Basically, were getting really good value vs. the cap at the position so there is no need to rock the boat.
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